Earlier, I was listening to a patreon-only spin-off of one of my favorite podcasts (30-20-10, a super fun show that looks back at each week in pop culture.  Check it out!)  In the episode, the hosts read a listener comment that mentions National Lampoon’s Men In White.  It was a made-for-TV movie parody of Men in Black.  It stars Tom Wilson (Back to the Future’s Biff Tannen), and features Spin City’s Barry Bostwick as the president.

However, what I find MOST interesting about this movie is that it was produced by Saban International.  Yep, the same people behind Power Rangers.

You can immediately tell this from the onset, because Wilson’s co-star is Karim Prince, who played the blue Alien Ranger in season three of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

At least the guy didn’t have to cover his face in this one.

You can also see this in a gag at the 45 minute mark where the two shoot off a cannon that circles the globe, hitting the Blue In Space Ranger.  I’m guessing Saban had some spare Sentai footage laying around.



And when the two encounter some aliens at the 54 minute mark, you can see the suits are just repainted Piranhatrons from Power Rangers Turbo.


If you have an hour and a half to kill with a *ahem* not great movie, the whole thing is available to watch for free on Youtube: