We all know that classic “Go! Go! Power Rangers!” theme by heart now.  And thanks to series Samurai and Megaforce, a whole new generation has discovered it.  However, in its 25-year history, most seasons have their own original theme song.  Here, I’ll be breaking down my top five favorites.

5) Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers/Alien Rangers & Power Rangers Samurai/Megaforce

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the original opening here in some capacity.  This opened up the show for the first three seasons, and the first time I saw it, I knew I was in for something special.  This now-classic intro was created by Ron Wasserman, who would go on to do other themes for the show.  The electric guitars meshed with our spandex and helmet wearing heroes was a perfect introduction to the series.  After Saban bought the rights back to the show from Disney in 2010, the show’s Nickelodeon debut (Power Rangers Samurai) used an updated version of the same song. Over the opening credits, you can hear each ranger shouting their name when introduced.  This upset some fans, but it worked for me.  The theme was updated once again for the next series, Power Rangers Megaforce.

4) Power Rangers Zeo

By the time the third season ended, it was time to retire that classic opening intro.  After all, the fourth season promised new zords, new villains, and new rangers.  It’s the same cast of Power Rangers, but they’re stronger than before.  Powered up for more!  Higher, they can soar!  I dare you to listen to this and NOT get pumped up after five seconds.

3) Power Rangers Turbo

Like most fans, I wasn’t too into Power Rangers Turbo.  Going from the cool Zeo motif to…cars felt like a step back.  Adding to that, was Justin, the little kid that took over as blue ranger this season.  Nothing against the actor, or even the character, but seeing someone in that age range become a ranger made it all-too-obvious that I was way older than the show’s target demographic.  Luckily, I grew out of caring about such things.  Those small gripes aside, that Turbo intro is catchy as hell, isn’t it?  The “Shift into Turbo” morph call almost put this season into my top morphs list.  I dare not listen to this song while driving.

2) Power Rangers Time Force

Much like Turbo, Time Force’s main lyrics are just the morph call of the rangers.  “TIME FOR TIME FOR POWER RANGERS TIME FORCE!  TIME FOR!  TIME FORCE!” is an ear-worm I doubt you’ll forget any time soon.

1) Power Rangers RPM

RPM’s opening theme is a no-frills, in-your-face, straight-to-the-point jam.  The only lines in it are “Power Rangers RPM!  Get in gear!  Power Rangers RPM!  We stand together!”  One of those lines is the Rangers’ morph call.  Another is the name of the show.   If you need more information than that, too damn bad.  Now enjoy this sick percussion over images of explosions and sweet martial arts.  Hell yeah.