Trigger warning (rape).

The bitch had it coming.  The way she dressed.  Being the one girl in our group.  Her tight-fitting Pinkie Pie shirt.  How did she expect me to react?  She knew she wanted it.  Even though she said no.  Even though she tried to fight.  The group hasn’t kept in touch since then.  The bitch told them, didn’t she?  No Facebook invites, it’s like the group doesn’t even exist anymore.  Motherfuckers blocked me, didn’t they?  Doesn’t matter.  I’ve got a new group.  They love MLP almost as much as I do.  I forgot how much I missed the outings.  This new group has one today.  It’s in a weird part of town though.  Kind of a shitty part of town.  I walk in, and-what the fuck?  You guys?  What are you doing here?  “You know why we’re here.”  What is this?  Is this- “How could you?  She didn’t deserve that.  NOONE deserves that.”  What the hell are you talking about?  She came on to me!  She called me her Twilight Sparkle!  “She named all of us!  You knew that!  You crossed a line.”  At this point I notice the door’s been locked behind me.  Guys!  You know me!  We’re friends!  Aren’t we?  “We WERE friends.”  Oh god.  It’s her.  Why is she here?  Why now?   “And you know what they say.  Friendship is magic.”  Then the lights go out.