As if yesterday’s fucked up dream double whammy wasn’t enough for you, here’s a couple more.

This first dream has me and my boyfriend Duke lying in bed together.  However, we’re lying together in my twin size bed in my old house from at least fifteen years ago (I know this because the room was VERY trashy…something I luckily got over in my older teens).  As we’re lying there, I assume very uncomfortably, I feel a fuzzy thing brush up against me.  I assume it’s our cat at first, but quickly realize it’s not when our cat walks into the room.  I freak out and throw it onto the floor, and see a rat about as big as our cat staring back at me.  Our cat, Bookey, sniffs it out, but doesn’t seem overly interested in it, while Duke and I are both yelling “Kill it!”

Fucking useless.
Fucking useless.

Duke takes matters into his own hands and approaches the rat, which begins to let out a high-pitched demonic scream.  Without hesitation, he breaks its neck.

Seriously, what the hell have I been eating before bed?  Guns?  Anyway, on to the next dream.

The next dream has me hanging out with Princess Peach while we play Mario Kart together.  Yup.  In this dream, I’m playing Mario Kart, while hanging out with one of the characters from Mario Kart.

I'm as confused as you are.
I’m as confused as you are.

So, apparently, Peach is upset that both Mario and Luigi get “evil” versions of them selves in the game (Wario and Waluigi, natch).  I guess she has Daisy in that regard, but Daisy’s never been overly Dick-ish in anything so maybe it doesn’t count?  Anyway, Peach decides to hack the game (…somehow?) and puts what I can only describe as what looks like Maleficent from some Disney Gamecube Mario Kart knock-off.  Anyway, Peach starts playing as her, but gets more and more pissed off for some reason.  Apparently, Maleficent isn’t acting evil enough for her.  Peach starts yelling “Rebel!  REBELLLLLL!” (as a verb, not a noun here) before the dream ends.

At least no one died in that last one.