Alternate title: “Can’t Sleep.  Billy Bob Thornton Will Kill Me.”

Apparently, I’ve been watching too much TV lately, or at least that’s what my subconscious thinks.  I’ve had two (kinda fucked up) dreams lately, and both related to TV shows I watched around the same time.

The first dream revolved around the FX original series (TM), Fargo.  It’s a longer version of the movie, with Billy Bob Thornton as the killer, Malvo.

The face of my nightmares, apparently.
The face of my nightmares, apparently.

In my dream, Malvo’s on my ass and I’m trying to hide.  We’re nowhere near the snow-covered scenery I’m used to in the FX original series (TM), as I recognize my trailer home.  To hide from the guy, I end up crawling underneath the trailer.  This is where the Fargo dream ends.

The next dream has me at work at the front desk of my hotel.  I’m by myself, when all of a sudden, Vee and her gang (or at least a version of them) from Orange is the New Black show up, surrounding me.  I say a version of them in parenthesis there, because Vee was the only one recognizable in the dream.  They start verbally assaulting me, and one of ’em even grabs me from behind, saying shit like “Oooh, you so pretty.”  She then starts feeling me up.  At this point, I remember a letter opener we keep at the front desk, and it suddenly appears in my hand.  Somehow, I break free, and begin to stab her.  In the head.  A lot.  This is also where the dream ends.

Most nightmares I can deal with, but a dream that ends with me committing a violent act disturbs me way more then if I were to “die” at the end.   I think I’ll be marathoning shows that are a little less intense for awhile to cleanse my brain…like cartoons aimed at teens.