In this series of articles, I’ll be highlighting stuff that I’ve enjoyed, and want to share with the world.  This can be TV shows, apps, comics, food, whatever.  In this first installment, I’ll be talking about the TV show, Shameless.

As most readers of this blog, I’m a huge nerd.  Most of my television tastes fall on the nerdy side of the spectrum.  Shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Walking Dead, and True Blood are my jam.  I like to describe them as shows where “everyone’s a something.”  That “something” can be a secret agent, zombie slayer, or vampire.  It’s rare for me to watch a scripted show based on the real world (and don’t even get me started on reality shows).  With every rule, there are exceptions, however.  One of those exceptions is the Showtime Original Series(TM): Shameless.

Shameless stars Emmy Rossum of Dragonball Evolution fame as Fiona Gallagher, an older sister to a family of five siblings.  She’s left to take care of her family after they’re abandoned by their mother and distancing themselves from their alcoholic father.

Sorry, Ms. Rossum!  This was the only other thing I've seen you in!
Sorry, Ms. Rossum! This was the only other thing I’ve seen you in!

It also stars her Dragonball Evolution co-star Justin Chatwin as her love interest, car thief Steve Wilton.  Do you have erotic fan-fiction where Goku and Bulma get it on?  Well, that has nothing to do with their relationship in Shameless.  Perv.

Shameless also features Jeremy Allen White as Phillip “Lip” Gallagher, a straight-A student who uses his advanced intellect to further various money-making schemes.  He’s not a con-artist, but a kid that knows how to use the system to his advantage.  White’s natural charisma bleeds through the character in spades.  He really keeps the show moving.

Cameron Monaghan plays Ian Gallagher, a mostly closeted gay teen.  It’s interesting to see someone dealing with their sexuality while also living in a less-than-ideal family situation.  I have no personal experience in the matter, but the way Ian is portrayed feels VERY real.

Rounding out the family is Emma Kennedy as Debbie Gallagher and Ethan Cutkosky as Carl Gallagher.  These two really come into their own in the later seasons, with Debbie slowly becoming a young woman and Carl reconnecting with his father in seasons three and four.

Carl and Debbie

The Gallaghers are a down-on-their-luck family in every which way.  The family has to be VERY creative in doing what it takes to survive.  This makes for some serious…and also hilarious predicaments.  Some of the situations the Gallagher clan get into are downright ludicrous, but work surprisingly well.  For instance, Lip and Ian steal a laser that they can use for a robot fighting championship.

If that’s not enough to sell you on this show, then how about this?  That alcoholic deadbeat dad?  That’s Frank Gallagher, played by none other then William H. Macy.

We've come a long way from The Shoveler.
We’ve come a long way from The Shoveler.

Need more convincing?  Check out a trailer for season one:

If you’ve seen anything you like, you can get episodes of Shameless starting with the first season on Amazon.  You can also get the first season on DVD or Blu-Ray.   Shameless currently airs on Showtime.