I guess it’s only natural that my mom would start popping up in my dreams more and more.  As wacked out as my dreams are, it’s odd to have a feeling of normalcy in them, if that makes any sense.  I may be having a weird/scary dream, but if she pops up, the scenario instantly changes to what our everyday life used to be (well, almost.  In my dreams she’s not on oxygen anymore.  I guess my subconcious likes her).  For example, I just woke up from a dream in which I was waking up (chew on that for a second).  I got up to turn on my light, but it wouldn’t cut on.  I reached over to try my lamp (I don’t even own a lamp), but that wouldn’t work either.  I start freaking out, as I realize all other electronics are still working.  I stumble out my door and make my way to our bathroom, which is right next to my parent’s room.  I try the light there and nothing happens.  My mom pops out of their room asking me what’s up.  I tell her, and she replies very nonchalantly “Oh yeah, I noticed that earlier.  It made it hard to write in my checkbook.”  It was such a non-thing with her I instantly calmed down and forgot about the non-existent supernatural light eaters (coming soon from Steven King!)  I then paused to realize that my mother was dead and this was most likely a dream.  Then I woke up.