My mom has always been my greatest supporter.  I understand that that’s just a mom thing, but I think there was more to it then that.  See, my mom was a very creative individual.  I remember when I was a kid her and my grandmother made these awesome Christmas tree sweaters that actually had lights which lit up (this was before shoes with light-up soles, mind you, so I thought they were the bees knees).  In hindsight, they were pretty ridiculous…but dammit I loved that sweater and would still rock it if I had it.

She was always doing something arts and craftsy.  Even when she couldn’t move around as much, she would have me help her iron designs onto t-shirts.  Before that, she was encouraging my little cousin to make things out of beads and popsicle sticks.

She doodled a lot too.

I didn’t realize it until my uncle started talking about it during her viewing at the funeral home, but I inherited her creative spark.  I think she knew it early on and encouraged me as much as she could.  Among a bunch of recipes and stuff, I found a printed out blog post and entry I wrote for Pink Kryptonite back in the day.

When I started school, I was worried that she’d get mad for me taking so much time off work to focus more on school projects (our finances have never been the best).  The opposite was true.  She asked me all the time about what I was working on, and even said that she noticed a drastic change in how I talked and carried myself (I was pretty miserable before).  She never failed to tell me how proud she was of me already.

I’m really gonna miss being able to tell her about everything I’m up to.  She really was my biggest fan.  But I’m gonna work that much harder from here out.  For the both of us.