I think I inherited a warped version of my mom’s sense of humor.  With all the crap life would throw at her, she was able to find humor in everything.  She’d laugh about my little cousins asking what would happen if they pinched her oxygen cord.  We’d laugh about having to ferry her around in a wheelchair (“I’m just gonna push really fast and let go.  That cool?”  “Go for it!).

I have a pretty fucked up sense of humor, myself.  I’m not afraid to make fun of someone behind their back (especially people that need to be taken down a peg anyway).  I remember being at the doctor’s office with her one time and being stuck next to this EXTREMELY bitchy old lady who couldn’t stand waiting.  Dunno why the lady felt comfortable enough telling me her entire life story and how this was SUCH an inconvenience for her.  My mom was sitting away where the lady couldn’t really interact with her, but I’d occasionally exchange a glance with her and give her an eye roll.  When the lady finally up and left I looked at mom and said “Of course you know, I blame you for this.”  We laughed about it the rest of the day.

Other people like that I would tear into much worse.  She would always say something like “You are SO wrong for that!”  However, she would always say it while laughing.

I have this habit of labeling files or whatever silly phrases that only I’ll see, or reference something only I’ll get, just to amuse myself.  I never really knew why I did it, or where I got the habit from, until I saw this old Bible cover:

I know it’s not terribly hilarious, but I would do the same thing with something I purchased for myself, just for a little self-chuckle.  I’d like to think she laughed to herself a lot over stupid little things like this.

I’ve been fighting the urge to log into her Facebook and post “Wooooo, I’m a ghooooost” as a status update.  I bet she’d laugh her ass off at that.