For those that don’t know already my mother, Robin Mangrum, passed away last week.  I guess these upcoming blogs (yeah, there are gonna be several) are something of a coping mechanism for me.  But more then anything, I think I just want other people to know the awesomeness that was my mom.  She left an enormous impact on my life, and I want to honor her any way I can.  As time goes on, I’ll be posting various “Robin-isms” that get stuck in my head.  I’ll have a few lined up for this week, but I’ll probably post more as I remember them.  Here’s the first:

Mom was something of a pack-rat.  Well, that’s a massive understatement.  Mom was an ENORMOUS pack-rat.  As my dad and I have cleaned house this week, we’ve found about five stacks of assorted change hidden in drawers.  Some of it was older change, that might be worth something.  But a lot of it was just random change that was either rolled or needed to be rolled.

I can’t really say anything.  I used to collect empty video game boxes…even if they were for games I didn’t own anymore.  I just liked how they looked on my shelf.  I eventually threw them away as I ran out of space.

She kept a TON of stuff regarding me.  Hey, it’s my blog.  If I can’t get a little egotistical here, where CAN I?

There were a ton of medical records and receipts from when I was a baby.  I pulled out one from 1986, and saw the word “polio” on it.  I actually asked my dad if I had polio as a child and they just never told me.   I missed the part on the receipt where it said “polio IMMUNIZATION.”  She also saved every card or knick-knack I made for her.  She also saved these:

This is like a dollar in Tooth Fairy money.

Yup, she saved teeth I had pulled from when I was a kid.  She was just that sentimental of a person.

Which, she really did care about me.  She had health problems since birth and wasn’t even supposed to have kids.  When she got pregnant, every doctor she saw tried to get her to have an abortion because they didn’t think she’d survive the process.  She was hell-bent on having me, she tracked down the one doctor that guaranteed she would have that kid.  I’m currently 27 and she passed away at 51.  Fuck all those other doctors.

She’d probably chastise me for saying “fuck” there.  I’m gonna miss that.

Edit:  I almost forgot about this…