Seems like all I really do with this thing is talk about my dreams these days, doesn’t it?  Fuck you, I’ve been busy.

School’s going great.  I’m doing scholarship work this semester, which has been really interesting so far.  We do a daily news show, which actually gets broadcasted to Suddenlink subscribers in the Bossier area.   I actually applied to be one of the live news anchors, and I’ve already been on air a few times (I’m actually on air for the rest of this week, so catch me if you can).  The weeks I’m not on air, we try to go and record packages that can be played during the newscast.  So far, I’ve met some really cool people (and gotten to know some from last semester a lot better).  It’s hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun.

I’ve also joined our school’s telecommunications club.  We’re actually about to start work on a short film, which I’m pretty pumped about (I have no idea what work I’ll be doing in it, but if I just have to run a camera the whole time I’ll be happy).  Also, our faculty adviser asked me to go ahead and write out a script for a short I pitched at one of the meetings.  The first draft is already done, and everyone I’ve shown it to (including the adviser) really seemed to dig it.  It’s the first script I’ve ever actually taken the time to write out and we might actually film it.  It’s all kinda surreal at this point.  For the longest time I wondered if I even had any talent.  Pretty damn nice to have so much encouragement, you know?  I think I go to school mostly for the ego boost.

I wish I was enjoying my classes as much as everything else.  One class only meets on Mondays (and is super easy), so it’s not really making a lasting impression on me.  Another is a pre-production class, which is really just pre-production work on the movie BPCC films every summer.  I really don’t have anything invested in the flick (especially with all the awesome stuff we have planned with the club), so it’s hard to care about the class.  I also have a post-production class, which is a lot like the video editing class I took last semester.  It would be ok, if not for one thing.  Avid.  Goddamn, do I hate this editing software.  It’s slow, clunky, and looks like it was bundled with Windows 3.1.  There’s a few projects I’ve gotta do in this class that may make their way to Youtube eventually, if I can scrape them out of Avid.  Finally, I’m taking the introductory math class.  Luckily, it’s not kicking my ass nearly as much as I thought it would.

Other then school, not too much has been going on.  I’m working double shifts at the hotel now every weekend.  It kinda blows, but it’s a lot more manageable then I thought it would be.  Plus, school’s so fulfilling and I get into so many non-bloggable shenanigans with friends that the weekdays are practically weekends for me anyway.

Finally, I’m still single.  Shocker, I know.  I had a few potential candidates, but they sadly didn’t pan out.  I stay so busy, it’s probably better that I don’t have the distraction.  That being said, a guy to cuddle up with every now and then would be pretty fantastic.

C’est la vie or fucking whatever.  Peace, bitches.