Here’s a twofer for ya’.

The first dream had my mom dating George Clooney.  The odd thing is I had this dream a day or two before he got arrested.  There was nothing terribly over-the-top about the dream .  It just so happened that my mom was dating George Clooney.  Well, I guess it was weird that I didn’t question where my dad fit into the picture.  I mean, my parents ARE still married and everything, so that’s a bit odd.  However, I was too busy thinking “HOLY SHIT MY MOM’S DATING GEORGE FREAKIN’ CLOONEY” that I didn’t have time to care.

The other dream was a little crazier.  Did you ever play The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past?  Well, in the dream, the sky opened up and all anyone could see was the overworld map for that game.  Almost like it was taking over or something.  In the dream, there WAS an explanation for what was happening (like the Dark World taking over earth or something), but I really don’t remember it.