This one started out with me taking my mom and a few other female relatives out to a nail salon.  I think it was set in a Boardwalk, or at least a mini-mall, because I got bored and decided to explore the shopping area.  I quickly regretted it, as I entered one vacant store to find a cult gathering inside.  However, the cult wasn’t entirely threatening, as they all wore animal heads of some sort.  They looked like furries with robes. 

I tried to escape and warn my family, but was brought into what looked like a dressing room.  Inside was the leader of the cult.  He cornered me a bit and I’m assuming tried to convince me to join their fellowship (there was no audio during the dream.  …what?).  I tried to bolt, but suddenly I was in the back seat of a car with the leader driving.  He talks some more, before his face slowly turns into my own.  After this, the guy starts psychoanalyzing me something fierce.  I have no idea how, since I couldn’t actually hear anything.  Kinda made me want to join, right up to the point I woke up.