I’m not quite sure what to make of this one.  It starts with me being stuck in a very cramped motel room with my parents, aunt, uncle, and their two kids.  I have no idea why we were all in the same room, but whatever.  Apparently, we were on vacation, but I had agreed to work some hours at a local hotel as a favor for one of my former bosses.  I did my time, then drove back to the cramped motel to deal with my family.  Apparently, I quickly grew tired of them and decided to explore the local area on my own.

I guess it was a city, since I walked everywhere.  As I explored, I noticed this massive, oddly designed building.  Inside was the greatest arcade I have never seen in my life.  If you could think of a game, they had it.  The X-men game?  Had it.  Soul Calibur?   Had it.  Bucky O’Hare?  Fucking had it.  They also had skeeball and the like.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any quarters on me whatsoever, so I decided to make the trek back to the motel room to get some cash.  This was when I wake up.

My dreams are fucking cock-teases.