This one started out with me playing the new Soul Calibur (that’s not even out yet), and using the character creation mode to try to make Kamen Rider.  It didn’t work out, so I thought of the next best thing: Turn Cervantes into my favorite pirate sentai (If Namco Bandai doesn’t make this an option in the next game, they’re missing a golden opportunity).

Anyway, I guess my mind went wondering from there because I was somehow hanging out with the Gokaiger cast (I seemed to be really buddy buddy with Navi, for some reason).  I don’t think they liked me at first, but once they saw how cool I was with their robot bird, they inducted me into their crew.  I even remember grabbing a line to hop aboard their ship.  After that, I somehow convinced everyone to sing along to the opening theme with me.  They even participated in the full version of the show’s closing

The dream was super weaboo and dumb, but it was pretty much the greatest day of my life.  Don’t hate.