Mom, don’t read this.

Is it sad that instead of a sex dream, I have a dream about jerking off?  Ok, I’m in this weird see-through cubicle thing, which only has enough room for me to lie down in.  I think there might be a tv in front of me.  It seems like my little pod is placed in the middle of a hallway, but I can’t be sure.  Anyway, in the dream (and upon waking up) I’m SUPER fucking horny.  So, I try to rub one out.  Unfortunately, the pod I’m in has easy access for people to bust into.  My parents pop in and ask me something (I can’t remember what), until I shoo them away.  After that, I’m interrupted by Dr. Evil (yes, the one from the Austin Powers movies).  I honestly can’t say which interruption would make me lose my boner more.  Anyway, I finally am on my own again ready to spring into action, when I’m disturbed AGAIN.  This time by…The X-Men?  Well, it’s really just Cyclops and Jean Grey.  And for some reason The Thing from the Fantastic Four is with them.  About this time I wake up.  I think I was maybe in some hospital scenerio there, but I can’t be too sure.  I imagine it’s pretty hard to masturbate in a hospital as well.