Well, I decided to get back on xanax, so you know what that means, boys and girls.  The return of Lee’s Wacky World Of Dreams!  Yay!  (Seriously, I’ve got about five of these lined up so far.  Sleepy-time drugs are awesome.)

The dream starts with me at a friend’s house.  We’re just hanging out, when all of a sudden he gets completely drunk.  Well, I guess “shit-faced” would be more appropriate here, as the guy can’t even move.  I grab him, and walk him to his bedroom, where his wife is sitting.  Her face tells me that she’s really not in a good mood, so I lay him down (or more likely just drop him), and slowly back out of there.  I leave their house, then drive to my own.  Now, I live about 10 minutes away from them in real life, and on the way home is my old high school with a gas station/convenience store right next door.  The road forks there, but I always take the right next to the gas station to go home.  However, in the dream for some reason is a huge gathering of people…standing in the road.  I don’t notice them until I take the corner and plow through at least four or five of them.  I keep driving.  I woke up thinking “Holy shit, I’m about to go to jail.”

More to come, kiddies!