It’s always fun to meet a walking stereotype. There’s this long-haired jock in my acting class. The guy is barely smarter then a pile of bricks. Now, I try not to exaggerate too much if I’m mocking someone or something, but Jesus Christ, does this guy deserve it. Take today for example.

For our next assignment, we have to decide certain traits of the next character we read for. One of them is religion. Our teacher used purgatory as an example. The guy raises his hand and asks “What is that?” She begins to explain, but stops herself “Well, I’m not really a Catholic…is there someone in here who is that can explain?” The jock raises his hand. The teacher laughs at him.

Later, we’re watching an episode of Inside The Actor’s Studio, when the guy raises his hand again and asks “Uh…what are they doing?” I don’t think the teacher really had an answer for him.

It’s gonna be a long semester for her, I think.