Man, my dreams just seem to be content with ripping off TV and movies lately.  This one was obviously inspired by Paranormal Activity.

I was laying in bed minding my own business, when I noticed a tiny plastic sword I own (I think it was a promotional Lord of the Rings thing I got from working at Gamestop forever ago.  It’s about the size of an action figure) floating in the air.  It swirled around a bit before stopping in front of one of the pictures on my wall.  It then pointed directly at it.  I started wigging out a bit, but decided to grab my camera phone and take a picture.  Then I decided to record some video of it.  When I did that, it started pointing at me.
For whatever reason, the Nostalgia Chick’s dog was in bed with me, freaking right the fuck out about what was going on.  When I noticed this, I freaked out too and got out of my room.  Apparently, my mom was busy, so my dad was the only one in our living room.   Somehow, the back of my neck was very wet, like  a large animal had licked me there.  I asked my dad to check it for me and he said no.

I eventually went back into my room and tried to push my door open all the way, but something behind it (that I could not see) started pushing back.  I decided enough was enough, and pushed the door into the wall as hard as I could, hoping to crush the invisible thing behind it.