This one was awesome, neat, and weird all at the same time.

First off, I was stuck in an episode of True Blood.  Apparently, vampires decided to start snatching people up en masse.  I think I was supposed to be Sookie’s long lost brother or some other close relative, because she trusted me with a big vial of some weird liquid.  Inside the van were myself, Tara, my real life friend John, and a bunch of other people I didn’t know.  The vamps would drag people out in pairs, turn them, then bring them back into the van.  Tara was one of the last to get drug out.  Someone said they would leave one of us as a blood source.  About this time, I realize me and John are the only humans left.  We kind of joke to each other, saying “Not it!”  Then, all the vampires in the van start staring at us, licking their lips.

This is interrupted when Tara opens the van door, now a vampire.  She grabs me and says “I know Sookie gave that thing to you.  Hand it over.”  She snatches the vial out of my pants, and I see it’s full of a bright blue liquid.  I warn her not to open it, because I don’t know what it is.  She does anyway, and takes a sniff of it.  When she does, it “cures” her of vampirism.  The others take notice and start fighting over it.  They all drink out of the vial and become cured.  This is about where the dream ends.

I’d be surprised if the show doesn’t play around with this idea at some point (a vampire cure).  Although, to be fair, it’s been done before.