Well, it’s official. I’m going back to school. My first day is Monday.

This has all been so surreal. It’s scary to take that first step into what I want to do, but it’s exciting at the same time. I just keep telling myself not to fuck this up.

The registration process was pretty awful. I got there at 9AM and wasn’t out of there until 2PM (I had worked the night before too, so I’m surprised I didn’t just collapse as soon as I got home). The school’s network seems to be kinda spotty, because they were having problems actually letting people get signed up for the classes they wanted. There was a pin number I needed to finalize my classes, but it wouldn’t let me log in, so I had to go back across campus to the first building I went to, get them to change it, then back across campus (and up a few flights of stairs) to make sure it worked. Luckily it did. After that, there were two classes it wouldn’t let me sign up for. One was some random error, and the other required a professor’s approval (even though an advisor give me the class to put in). The biggest line was for financial aid, which only had two people running it. That probably took me an hour by itself.

They didn’t have my past transcripts (even though I sent them a month ago), and I STILL don’t know if I’m getting any kind of financial aid. Kinda weird.

But I have classes! And books! Yay!

I’m taking the most basic math class I can because I am dumb at math (I took a placement test there. You have to score at least a 54 to advance. …I scored a 20. I guessed on about 3/4 of the questions.). Hopefully I won’t have to take too many useless classes like this (seriously, I haven’t used any kind of algebra since fucking high school.  Teachers that tell you you’ll need it in life are all lying.), but I can manage with this one for now.

I’m taking an intro to intro to acting class (That’s not a typo). It’s not so much an acting class as much of the STUDY of acting. It sounded fun.

I’m taking a directing class. It’s something I’ve thought about doing for awhile now, but wasn’t too sure about. The advisor sold me on it though, as it’s not as much about telling people what to do, but knowing how to set up a shot.

I’m taking a video editing class. They teach us how to use Avid. The shit Kevin Smith uses. I’m looking super forward to it.

Finally, I’m taking a newswriting class. Not really something I’m interested in, but I think it’ll help me get my feet wet until I take the scriptwriting class next semester.

I’m still nervous for the first day, and still nervous about how it’ll balance with work, but at this point I’m tired of trying to rely on myself to get some kind of career started. I need this kick in the pants.