Ho-lee crap, did I just have an experience.  I’m typing this from work, as it just happened about 15 minutes ago.   A guy comes up to the desk and says he needs an envelope to send something off, so I go back and find one for him.  He says he’ll come back later and buy a stamp from us as he gets what he needs mailed off sorted out.  Then out of fucking NOWHERE he starts going off.  In today’s USA Today, one of the cover stories is about how more people are accepting of gay politicians. The guy starts by saying “You know, it’s proven that bisexuality is a mental disorder.” At this point I clam right the fuck up. That statement floored me.  But he wasn’t done.  Oh no.  “They go on about gay marriage.  Why not just get a civil union?  Isn’t that enough?  We’ve had these laws for over five hundred years?  Now you’re saying they’re not good enough?  Just go…masturbate behind a barn or something!”   Yeah, he suggested that gay people just go masturbate behind a barn.  I’m sure that’s a thing somewhere.

I think he got the hint when I never responded.  “Uh…so I’ll just come back later and get a stamp for this then.”   It took me a while to get my work done after that.  I think I was overwhelmed by the sheer stupidity thrown at me.  Seriously, who actually goes up to someone they’ve never met and drops their political beliefs like that?  Whatever your stance is on homosexuality or whatever is fine, even if you’re against it.  But most people have the common courtesy to keep that shit to themselves.  The sad thing is I thought of several comebacks to throw at the guy AFTER the fact (For instance…how I agree about how some laws should never be changed.  Like women’s rights.  Or slavery.).

Update: The guy just came back for his stamp.  Hahaha, he DEFINITELY figured it out.   I haven’t heard anyone stutter that much in ages.