So, my birthday’s coming up soon (July 9th to be precise), and it occurred to me that I’ve never really done one of these wishlist things for it.  I do it yearly for Christmas, but never bother to do it for my birthday.  I’m sure it’s mostly because I’m an “adult” now (I say using that term VERY loosely), and really don’t expect anything for it anyway.  But, I need fresh content on here anyway and if the off chance someone wants to get me something (although I don’t see how.   Everyone I know is more broke then I am.  Damn economy.), great!  Anyway, here’s the top five list of things I’d love to have for my birthday:

5) Nedroid “Brain Problems” shirt:  After recent events, it should be obvious why I want this.  (I’m a 3X by the way)

4) 1TB USB External Hard Drive:  Especially after I’ve started working on videos again, I keep finding myself running out of space on my laptop.  I should probably invest in a desktop at some point, but for now this would be a big help.

3) Excel Saga – The Imperfect Collection:  I’ve been wanting this series on DVD ever since I first watched it.

2) Kamen Rider Decade Shirt:  Any surprise I want more Kamen Rider shit? (I would want this in a 3X with the charcoal color.)

1) All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation (Nintendo DS game):  Speaking of Kamen Rider…Yeah, I know the game won’t be out until after my birthday, but I don’t care.  Just look at this fucking trailer:

I HAVE to own this.

Even if I don’t get anything listed here, hell, even if I don’t get anything AT ALL, I’m not too worried about it.  I’m planning another trip to Lafayette a week after my birthday and I plan on vegging out with good friends while catching up with Netflix and delicious foods.  Should be pretty kick-ass.