Originally posted Sep 22, 2007 to Myspace.

I was in GameTZ chat the other night, and one of the other users was going around handing out countries to various users for whenever he ruled the world.  I’m not sure why exactly, but he would ask someone “Hey, what country do you want?”  One of the guys said Japan.  I’m pretty sure I’ve played this game before, and EVERYONE says Japan (well, all us cool-nerdy types do).  Sure enough, another guy logged in and was asked the question.  He also wanted Japan.  I’m not sure how they can divide a country that’s not even conquered yet, but that’s beside the point.  Finally, I was asked the question.  My response?  Canada.  The first thing I would do is spike the cost of health care to an asanine rate.  Those high and mighty bastards think they’re sooooo cool with their free inhalers, and their cheap-as-dirt Viagra.  I’ll show them!  Let them see how it’s like to pay $5.50 ($6.50 Canadian) for fucking cough medicine.  Enjoy your freedom while you can assholes!  I’m gunning for you!

Also……I’d have Nickleback executed.  General purposes.