Sorry for the late post this week, guys.  Anyway, I just beat Bulletstorm a couple of days ago and I already want a sequel.  Not just because of its cliffhangeresque ending, but mostly because it was such a fun fucking game.  Almost immediately after the credits rolled, ideas started pouring into my head for what they could do with the next game.  There will be a few spoilers here for anyone that hasn’t played the original, but I’ll try to keep them to a minimum.

The game would begin with Gray and Trishka finally finding Sarrano after a year of searching.  They infiltrate his ship and take down a bunch of Echo soldiers in a mad dash to the general.  When they get there, he’s getting ready to leave in an escape pod with the self-destruct activated, but not before taking out Gray’s leash.  The ship crash lands on a new planet.

Here, we would have new environments to explore (and let’s be honest, new hazards to kick enemies into).  The two would arrive in a volcanic area, and have to deal with a few new troopers that crash-landed nearby.  After quickly dispatching some of the new breed of Echo, the two discover new leash technology available to them.  Not only does Gray equip the new item, but Trishka does as well.  They make their way through the volcanic terrain and end up in a fully functional bio-dome, with living plant life and wild natives inside.  As they progress, they notice cracks in the ground where lava has started to seep in.  Sarrano plants a bomb that floods the place with liquid hot magma.  Luckily, they find a jump portal that teleports them to another bio-dome…on the other side of the planet.  This one is in far worse shape as that side of the planet has frozen over.  I know what most readers are thinking at this point…”A lava stage and an ice stage?  Really?”  Yes, I know it’s cliche, but I can’t help but think about how much fun it would be to toss a guy into lava, or kick a guy into a frozen stalactite.

Now, let’s talk about co-op.  The entire main storyline would support two-player co-op over Xbox Live or split-screen.  The new leashes have different abilities and the two characters are free to level them up differently (one ability lets you grab a single enemy and bash him into the ground.  Another grabs one and slams him into a wall, enemy, or environmental hazard.)  There are specific character differences as well (hopefully encouraging players to play through the campaign again as each character).  Subtle ones would be something like Trishka punching everything as opposed to Gray’s kicks.  More heavy ones would be weapon selection.  Where Gray gets the shotgun, Trishka might get dual pistols, which she can use to juggle enemies.  The leash attacks can be combined as well.  One character can use the thumper ability, while another grabs a single enemy and slams through the crowd for a co-op skill shot.

Branching paths would be a main theme throughout the game.  If one character gets to a location before another, they can take out some of the creeps that lie in wait.  If a character dies, the other can revive them as long as they’re nearby.

Bosses would definitely make a return as well.  The mini-bosses would remain, but they would be joined by elite soldiers Saranno hires to take down our team.  Some of them have access to a leash of their own and the only way to break free is to either quick time out of it, or have your partner shoot them up (I’m betting the latter would be a skill shot).  It would be hard to outdo the wicked bit in the first game that basically lets you control Godzilla, but with co-op, one person could be controlling something similar, while the other player fires from on top of it.  Naturally, you would have to fight Ishi before making your way to Saranno.  I don’t know why, but I picture the guy fighting in a full on mech suit.  Maybe you could use your leash to take it apart piece by piece?  After that, well, the general has to get his orders from SOMEWHERE, right?  Even if you finally kill Saranno, I think the plot still has places to take gamers.

Honestly, the main reason I would want to work on this game is the dialogue.  You KNOW the cast had to have a fun-ass time recording those lines.  I dunno.  Maybe it’s the 12-year old in me that loves all the constant swearing.  Especially from Saranno.

Even if none of this stuff happens, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the crap out of Bulletstorm 2 when/if it comes out.  I only ask Epic Games one thing:  Can you guys please include local co-op in this one?  That would be awesome.

Tune in next time, where I pitch Jazz Jackrabbit 3*!

*I won’t actually be doing that, but man…how amazing would that fucking be?