So, I talked to Ms. Sharon again tonight.  Turns out, this is her last stay before she goes in for surgery in July.  She asked me what happened to me while I was out, and I think I’ve shared more with her then I have then almost anyone else about what’s been going on in the past few months.  I almost cried as she told me what she’d be going through with the surgery and everything (basically, she’s gonna lose the use of her legs). It’s so strange, with all the crap that’s come her way, she took the time to reassure me of everything that’s been going on saying “You’re like me.  You’re a strong person and you’ve got a good heart.”  The lady barely knows me, but she said she thinks of me and another co-worker as her own kids.  It’s crazy to think I’ve had that kind of an impact on another person.  I always thought this place was just a job, something I had to do until I could actually find success in something else, but maybe there’s a reason I’m here, you know?  I’ve always had trouble letting people in, but since all the craziness of the last two months, I just find it easier now to be open with people.  Maybe this place is just a training ground, so I can truly prepare to put myself out there into the world.  It just took one lady to show me that.  Thanks Ms. Sharon.  I hope you pull through so I can make you proud.