I was chatting with a regular guest that I haven’t seen since my mental breakdown two-month vacation.  She’s one of the few I actually enjoy talking to (and not just because she always brings me a coke).  She’s a real firecracker, but a nice old lady (as long as you’re on her good side.  I always laugh when she comes in yelling about something the casino did to piss her off.  Mostly because it’s not directed at me for a change.).  I found out today that she has cancer.  It’s so odd that I barely know the lady, but I really do care and hope she makes it through (she has surgery next month).  Unlike a lot of people that come through here, she didn’t throw her baggage on me just because I had to listen and wanted free pity, she did it because she felt connected to me and thought I should know.  The truth is…I really do care.  Up until a few months ago, I couldn’t remember this lady’s name, but she always smiled when she saw me.  It’s this weird feeling to know that someone I barely interact with thinks so highly of me.  While I was gone, she said she asked about me a lot.  In fact, one of the new people hired while I was out told her that I was in jail (she was actually talking about the OTHER night auditor, but that’s a whole other tale).  She actually got mad at the employee because she knew “My Lee would never be in jail.”

I find human interactions so fascinating sometimes.  You never know the potential that could happen from chance meetings (which makes me glad I go out of my way to be nice to everyone).  I truly hope she pulls through, even if I’m not still working here anymore.  This place can’t afford to lose any of the good guests, especially one as awesome as her.