You know how sometimes someone gets the rights to adapt something, and fans get really pissed off because they didn’t follow the source material?  That’s what I’m about to do here.

For those that don’t know, Moon Knight is a lesser-known Marvel Comics superhero that’s had more cancelled series then I can count.  I was never really a fan of the character, but I found bits of it to be interesting.  The book kind of had a Daredevil vibe, dealing with more realistic criminals then the kind you’d see in a Spider-Man book.

Speaking of Spider-Man, the first time I really saw Moon Knight in something I liked was Ultimate Spider-Man.  In that series, Moon Knight actually had multiple personalities, that would goad him on into tackling crime or whatever.  I thought this was a pretty neat character bit, but he didn’t stick around in the book long enough for it to go anywhere.

My idea is a live-action adult geared tokusatsu-like series that combines elements of both versions.  The best (and sadly worst) example I can think of to compare it to would be NBC’s The Cape.  However, it would probably be a little more violent, so they’d have to stick it in the later Law and Order time slot (Not saying this would be a perfect fit for NBC, just an example.  Hell, AMC would be even better since you could get away with much more language and violence).

In our story, Marc Spector is a listless guy. He can’t seem to hold down a job, due to his violent tendencies.  He was actually kicked out of the military for being so hot tempered.  After one bar fight, he catches the eye of pilot Jean-Paul DuChamp (he drunkenly calls him “Frenchie”), who offers him a job as a body guard. They deliver things to an archeological dig, when the site is attacked by other mercenaries.  Marc puts up a decent fight, but is shot and falls in front of a statue of Khonsu.  He lays dying, but in has a vision of the Egyption god.  “Do you wish to live?” it asks him.  “Do you truly know what it means to live?”  “You claim indifference, but you always fight for something.  Fight for your life, Marc Spector.”  “I will give you a new life.”  “The power of the gods will direct your hand from now on.”  He becomes infused with the powers of Khonsu, Thoth, and Amun.

He uses this power to become Moon Knight.  Each god gives him a different form, with a different power set.  Khonsu gives him the basic abilities of super strength and agility.  Amun gives him invisibility and the ability to teleport.  Thoth lets Mark write things on his arm in blood and create weapons from the scribe.  Each god has a different personality that attempts to take control over Mark.  Khonsu wants him to protect all life.  Amun wants him to assert dominance over things.  Thoth only seeks vengeance.  After a time, Marc gains enough control over all three to merge them into a form based on Ra.

The series would have him taking down mafia bosses and other criminals, experimenting in cybernetics and mutations (kind of a “monster of the week.”), but he also has to contend with the police, who see him as a monster himself.  Over time, Moon Knight actually gains control of one of the cities gangs, as Marc battles with the grey line between right and wrong.

It wouldn’t be completely over the top, and the monster fights would almost be an afterthought to the dealings with Marc, his struggle with his own humanity, and the inner workings of the cities criminals.