Remember when I used to just blog about no subject in particular?  Me neither.

At work, I’ve been training a new guy to fill in for me on my nights off.  The last fill-in guy up and walked off one night during his shift.  Oh yeah, he also took 1800 dollars with him from a register.

The new guy is pretty nice.  He’s an older gentleman that used to be a teacher.  I’m 95% sure he’s gay too (he asked me if I enjoyed Golden Girls or Lady Gaga).  We’ve had some interesting conversations.  I found out he believes in aliens.  Not the “Oh, it’s totally possible intellegent life is out there” believe, but the “The pyramids are so mysterious.  Don’t you think someone probably came down here and left those for us?” kind of believe.

Since he digs urban legends, I asked him if he had ever heard of Slender Man.  He had not, and his curiosity was instantly piqued.  We popped open the Wikipedia page for it, and he skimmed it a bit.  Now, the article STARTS with “The Slender Man is a fictional urban legend…” but after looking through it a bit, he exclaimed “It could be out there!”  He then googled some pictures of it and kept gasping at them.

All in all, he’s an ok guy, and I can talk to him easily enough.  Unfortunately he keeps telling me I should travel places (he keeps looking at pictures of hotels in different states and countries and getting super excited).  It’s already gotten pretty old.

The guy is also a workaholic.  Normally I have at least three hours of downtime per night, but the guy stands at the front desk all 8 hours, keeping busy any way he can.  I always feel super guilty about sitting in the back while he does this, but if he doesn’t want to relax, I guess that’s his problem.

In other news, I think I’m making progress.  Some lady came in trying to check in for a Sunday reservation (It was around 1AM).  I told her we didn’t even have her reservation yet and she got pissed saying the casino assured her she could show up super fucking early (for whatever reason).  I called the casino and they said she was a comped guest, but they weren’t going to give her another free room for what was still technically Saturday night.  The lady got super mad and stormed out.  She called back about three times trying to get us to comp it for her, but I practically blew her off each time.  Kinda dickish of me, but I’m actually kind of proud of myself.  Normally, I get real panicky in situations like this, but I genuinely don’t think I have it in me to care anymore about whiny casino people I have no control over anyway.

In other other news, I recently housesitted for my buddy John.  While there, I recorded about four videos.  You’ll see them…eventually.  I recorded using an HD camera, but when I put the footage on my computer, it’s all very laggy.  I’m sure there’s something I can do to correct it, but I’m having to learn how to do everything from scratch.  I’m sure I’ll figure it out over time, but for now it’s just a bit overwhelming (there’s a lot of terms and things I don’t know yet, so I’m kind of slowly teaching myself).

I don’t know how to end this one.