Sorry I’m a little late this week.  It’s been too fucking hot to do anything remotely productive.  Anyway, this week’s idea comes from a conversation between myself and my friend Eddie.  We were talking about Green Lantern and Green Arrow and their obsession with green boxing gloves.  The thought occurred to us…what if there was a superhero that took that obsession to the extreme?

This is where Green Boxer comes in.  He would be a guy in a run-down gym that comes under attack from some low rate super-criminal.  Green Arrow and Green Lantern bust in on one of their many team-ups and take the guy down.  Our “hero” is instantly inspired when they use a combination of boxing glove arrows and giant green boxing gloves to attack their foe.  The fandom worsens as they ask him where local matches are held.

The guy is a middle aged boxer that never really made it big.  He decided to run his own gym, but the local youth prefer to ridicule the ratty looking place then hang out there.  He decides then and there that the kids need someone to look up to.  And after all, Green Lantern and Green Arrow can’t always show up to save the day!

He dons a green pair of boxing trunks, starts tinkering around with a pair of green boxing gloves, and throws on a green domino mask to conceal his identity.  After that, we see a montage of him working in a garage, working on (what appears to be) a car.

A couple of guys are trying to mug someone, when they’re interrupted by a very loud sounding vehicle.  We slowly reveal the Green Boxer’s mode of transportation:  The Boxing Ringmobile.  Yep, our hero drives around in a boxing ring.  Well, it’s actually half of a boxing ring, since a full one would take up all of the road.  He has to explain this every time he saves someone.

For his war on local crime, Boxer uses his trusty utility gloves.  Each one has a different purpose.  For instance, the arrow glove pops out about ten arrows when he punches with it (he doesn’t use it after the first time when two arrows actually pierce a guy’s leg).  He also has the grappling arrow…which works about as well as you would expect using a boxing glove as a grappling hook to be.

Whenever he “saves the day” he gives kids the card to the local gym and says that he “knows the guy that runs it.”  The kids are befuddled because they always recognize him anyway.

At the end of the book, he recruits a teen sidekick (“I’ll call you…Punching Bag.”) who hangs out with him simply because he has nothing better to do.

Needless to say, this would probably be a one-shot.