Man, I really didn’t think about what a long process this would be, but here we are folks!  The final issue of volume one!  Enjoy!

We open with Decoy knocking on the door to his house.  His mother opens the door, but only slightly as it has been dead-bolted.  “Hey mom, I know this is a surprise and you’re probably pissed, but I can explain everything.”  “Y-you don’t have to.  Mr. Summers called and told me everything.”  “Oh, good.  I was worried about you guys so much and why haven’t you opened the door yet?”  “I’m sorry, but I…We just can’t deal with this.”

“What are you talking about, mom?”  “Look, it’s bad enough that you’re a mutant, but how could I even BEGIN to deal with a son that I could possibly murder without even knowing about it?”  “But it’s ok now, mom!  I’ve got it all in check!  They taught me how!”  “But it’s still there! And it’ll always be there!  Lingering over us like a black mark on this family!”  “Oh…you’re not really afraid of hurting me.  You just don’t want the neighbors thinking you’re a big mutie lover?”  “I…look.  I called your Aunt Lacy.  She said you can stay with her until you at least finish school.  You can come by and pick up your things later.”

Decoy’s emotions run high as he starts begging his mother to let him back inside.  “Please, mom!  You can’t do this!  I’m….I’m your son” he cries.  “GET OUT!” his mom shouts as she slams against the door, eyes glowing red.  “Oh god…I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry” Decoy mutters behind tears as he runs away.

Making his way to his aunt’s apartment, Decoy heads downtown.  Keeping his head pretty low, he almost doesn’t notice the group of jocks head his way.  They make eye contact, and the group stops cold, before moving to the other side of the street.  “They’re afraid of me?” he thinks to himself.  “They’re afraid of me” he says to himself with a smile.

Finally, he makes his way to Lacy’s apartment.  He knocks on the door, which immediately swings open.  His aunt, a large, jovial lady yells his name, then gives him a big squeeze.  “Come on in, sweety.  I don’t have much outside of this couch, but you’re more then welcome to that and any food here!”  Time passes and the two begin to talk.  “I guess I should thank you, Aunt Lacy.  Everything happened so fast, I’m glad I had SOMEWHERE to go.”  “Think nothing of it, child.  Can’t believe that sister of mine would even THINK of tossing her only begotten out.”  She catches her self here and apologizes.  “Don’t worry about it.  Come to think of it…this is the first time I’ve even seen you in YEARS.  What happened between you and mom anyway?”

“Yeah…she pretty much stopped talking to me after I came out.”  “Wait, you’re gay?”  His aunt gives a big hearty laugh.  “Ain’t that like our family?  If you don’t like it, you don’t talk about it” she says in a fake-serious tone.  After this, Decoy opens up more about his experience with the X-Men, and what happened with Anole.  “I’m just not sure how I feel.  I mean, I like him, yeah.  But I had never even thought about ANY relationship until now…especially not one with another guy.”  “Baby, you’re what?  16?  17?  You’ve got ALL the time in the world to worry about that crap.  You’re young!  Of COURSE you don’t know what you want yet!  Just do what makes you happy for now.  You want to make out with dudes?  Make out with dudes!  You wanna get it on with some hot chicks?  Hell, I know a couple.  Where was I going with this?  Oh, right.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Make mistakes.  Go crazy.  Just enjoy the experience.”

Decoy ponders her words as he lies on her couch.

A month passes, and Decoy is back in school.   Since he missed his graduation, he makes up for it by taking summer classes.  During this summer semester, he meets a girl he’s never seen before.  They begin talking, and hit it off almost immediately.  After getting to know each other awhile, Decoy spills the beans about what happened to him before, and his time in the X-Men (however, he leaves out the part about Anole).

Despite all this sharing, the girl seems to clam up.  He respects her privacy, and in doing so, she becomes comfortable enough to share with him.  Her family is in witness protection.  Her father saw a mafia hit go down in New York, so they were forced to relocate.  Unfortunately, they were tracked down twice already.  Luckily, her father will be testifying soon, so she’ll be able to return home.

One day, Decoy is walking her home, as they notice they’re being followed.  She recognizes them as goons that have went after her family before.  They try to dodge them by ducking into an alleyway.  Unfortunately, that’s a dead end.  “Call the boss and tell him we got the girl” one of the goons says to the other.  The girl apologizes to Decoy for getting him stuck in this situation, but Decoy is too distracted to pay attention.  “I need you to hold your breath, ok?  And when I tell you to run, you run.  Got it?”  “You…you can’t be serious.  They have guns!”  One of the goons aims a gun at Decoy.  “We don’t really need the boyfriend, right?”  “NOW!” Decoy yells, activating his power.  The girl puts her hands over her face and hides behind him.  “What are you-” the goons stop and the pheromones begin to take over.  “Run around them!  Now!”  Decoy yells, as the girl takes his advice and hightails it by running next to the goons.  They don’t even notice as their attention is on Decoy.  One grabs his gun, but instead of shooting with it, he tries using it as a blunt object.  Decoy easily parries it, knocking the gun out of his hand.  He takes a second to notice how little trouble that was, and as he easily takes on the assailants, he flashes back to Wolverine’s “crazy ninja self-defense training.”

The two are unconscious in the alleyway, as Decoy makes a break for it.  He’s interrupted by a cop car coming to a screeching halt in front of the alleyway.  Decoy immediately throws his hands up, as a cop gets out of the car.  He opens the back door and the girl steps out.  “Is this them?”  “Yes officer, that’s them.”  A few more patrol cars arrive on the scene as the police officer walks past decoy to cuff the two mafia hitmen.  “Man, they’re out COLD.  Did you do this yourself?” he asks Decoy, who’s staring at the girl.  “Yeah” he mutters out.  “Good job, kid.  You saved this girls life today.”

Decoy and the girl approach each other and kiss.  We pan out as Decoy thinks to himself.  “I don’t know what all this means.  I have no idea where I’ll go from here.  But for now, I’m just gonna enjoy the experience.”

Prologue:  A man in a suit with arms tied behind his back is thrown at the steps of what almost looks like a thrown.  “Well,  looks like the guy’s gonna testify.  You blew your last shot” says a man sitting on the would-be throne. “I would’ve had him!  If these two buffoons hadn’t #$%@ed it all up” says the guy bound on the ground. “We’re sorry, boss!  I dunno what happened?  One minute we had the girl, and the next all I could think about was murdering that stupid kid!”  “I’m going to jail and it’s all you idiot’s fault!”

“Oh, you’re not going to jail.  See, if they lock you up, they might get some info out of you about our little organization here.  Can’t have that, can we?” says the shadowed figure, as he moves a pale white hand to grab the guy’s throat.  “No!  Boss!  Look!  I won’t sell you out!  I-”  “Sorry guy, but you’ve just become expendable” the boss says as he snaps the guy’s neck.

“Now boys…” Tombstone says, peering out of the shadows. “Tell me more about this weird kid.”

And that brings volume one to a close!  I hope you enjoyed it, and look for volume two very soon.

One little note:  Each cover to every issue of this series features Decoy in a specific costume.  Picture something similar to what Invincible wears, only with a red and black color scheme with red bulls-eyes everywhere.  In the second issue, the cover has him wearing a similar costume, only with more Xes on it.  The thing is, Decoy NEVER wears a costume in the entire series, other then the standard X-Men training uniform.