In the second issue of Decoy, we begin with the Astonishing X-Men (Wolverine, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Armor, Shadowcat, and Colossus) approaching our main character’s location in their Blackbird jet…
As they get closer, Emma is able to sense a heavy emotion coming from the cave.  The gang assumes it’s the fear that comes with being a mutant, but Emma corrects them.  “It’s not fear…it’s anger.”  We pan out to the cave where the protagonist isn’t handling things very well.

Yelling expletives, and kicking rocks, our main character starts to have a long dialogue with himself.  You can tell the long period of solitude as his speech is disjointed, but you can pick up that he thinks the timing on everything is pretty terrible (he was close to graduation).

He’s interrupted by the sound of a jet landing nearby.  He hides deeper in the cave, but to no avail thanks to Emma’s telepathic intrusion.  She says his name and explains who they are and that they are there to help him out with his new mutant abilities.  “I’m not a mutant!” he thinks.  “This is just a trap to lure me out into the open!”  Emma reasons with him, asking him what’s been going on.  He tells her, and she asks him “Well, the people that attacked you…were any of them mutants?”  “Well, no, not that I know of.  Wait, how the #@$% would I know?  They could have been!  Nice try, but I’ve READ psychology books!”  At this point, Emma loses all patience.  “Fine, don’t come out.  I’ll just send Wolverine in to come get you.”  “…I’m coming out now.”

“This is dumb.  They’re going to murder me.  Why does this have to happen to me?” our protagonist thinks to himself as he slowly makes his way out of the cave.  As he gets closer to the exit, his mind starts racing.  “I’mdeadthey’regonnakillmeohgodwhymecrapcrapcrap.”

He then exits the cave to see the X-Men standing outside the blackbird.  Emma stretches out a hand.  “See?  I told you there was nothing to be afraid of.  We’re the X-Men and-” she is cut off as her head slumps down.  She looks back up and we can see her eyes are as red as the townspeople’s.

“Oh, crap.  Oh, crap” the main character constantly thinks to himself, immediately running as far away as he can.  “KILL HIM!” Emma yells as she turns to her diamond form.  The team immediately gives chase, eyes all glowing red.  Our main character hides behind a bush, and watches Armor and Shadowcat run by.  He looks back at the cave, wondering if he should run back into it.  Finishing the thought for him, Cyclops destroys the cave along with several trees in the area with one optic blast.

We see Colossus striking the earth, making a progressively large crater, while Beast is jumping from tree to tree, seeking out his target.  The main character continues to hide in the bush, hoping the team will give up and go home.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen, as Wolverine’s hand wraps around his mouth.  Claws out, Logan says “Kid, I need you to calm the #$%@ down.  RIGHT NOW.”  The kid realizes Wolverine’s eyes are no longer red.

The team continues to look for the main character, but suddenly the effect wears off, and they stumble back together, wondering what happened.  “You can thank the kid here” Wolverine yells, as he drags the protagonist toward the team.  “Kid releases pheromones that makes anything in the area see red.  Luckily for him, my nose was able to filter them out.”

“Wait, so my mutant power is the ability to make anyone in the area want to kill me.”  The team looks at each other confused, but Wolverine confirms.  “Yeah, that’s pretty much it.”  “What the #%#@?  Not only do I become a mutant, but I don’t even get a power that’s USEFUL?  That’s crap!  And now you…what, want me to go back to your secret base?  Which isn’t even a secret?  I mean, any mutant hating suicide bomber KNOWS where the X-Men live.  I’m not going to be a sitting duck waiting to die.  I’ll just take my chances in the #@$%ing cave, thank you very mu-” Once again, he’s interrupted.  This time, by a gut punch from Wolverine.  Logan tosses the unconscious youth over his shoulder and asks “So, back to base?”