Welcome back to “The Pitch!” where I post story ideas for licensed characters I’ll never get to write!  Today’s entry is the first part in an original character series, but one so caught up in Marvel mythos, his story probably never see the light of day!  Enjoy!

The story of Decoy starts with a bright high school kid switching books out of his locker.  The hallway is mostly empty, except for the approaching captain of the football team.  In typical nerd fashion, our main character tries to quickly gather his things so he can avoid the bullying jock, but it’s too late.  The jock has made eye contact and begins to head his way.  Our main character’s tension rises higher and higher with each step, until something strange happens.  The jock stops, twitches for a bit, then raises his head to reveal dark red eyes.  He starts to chase after the main character who makes a break for it.

The nerdy kid bursts into the counselor’s office quickly apologizing for the intrusion, while keeping his eyes fixed on the window for the murderous bully.  He realizes his mistake when he hears a pencil snap, then turns to see the counselor sporting the same red eyes as the jock.

He quickly makes his way out of there to hear the school bell ring.  “Oh, crap” he thinks to himself, as a few classes full of students make their way out into the hallway.  They all stop, twitch, look at him for a second, and yell “KILL!”  Luckily, he’s able to make it out of the school without getting scratched.  He steals a bike and pedals all the way to his house as fast as he can, while avoiding anyone he can (not stopping to see if anyone else has the same reaction…which of course they do).

He bursts into his house yelling for his parents, but is interrupted when his dad surprises him with a stranglehold.  He almost passes out before he stomps his dad’s foot, making him let him go.  As he tries to catch his breath, he narrowly manages to avoid a baseball bat swung by his mother.  He hauls ass out of his house.

One week later, we show a cavern in a deeply wooded area.  Lightning and rain surround the place.  Inside, we see Decoy, looking dirty and unshaven, wrapped in ratty looking blankets.  “I really, REALLY hate this.” he thinks to himself.  A leak in the cavern begins to drip on him.  “REALLY hate this.” he thinks again.”  “I’m hungry.”  We then cut to him sneaking around town for food.   Inside one store, he hides from the clerk, as he grabs a few canned goods.  “Crap,” he says as he drops one on the floor.  “Who’s there?” the shopkeeper yells before seeing him.  Instantly, his eyes turn red, and our main character bolts out of there, thinking “Crap.  Crap. Crap” the entire time.

As he runs out, other people in the street spot him, and start making their way toward him. “Crapcrapcrapcrap” he continually thinks while dodging everyone.  Eventually, he makes his way back to his cave.  Then realizes he has all canned food, but no can opener.  “I REALLY #$%@ing hate this.” he thinks to himself.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, we see a group looking at a computer display.  “So, this is where he is?  Kind of in the middle of nowhere, ain’t it bub?”  “This coming from a Canadian?”  “Whatever, lets just grab this kid so I can get back and grab a beer.”  We pan out to see Cyclops and Wolverine talking.  “Aren’t you drinking a beer now, Logan?”  “Good point.  I’ll bring a few for the road.”

And this is where we end our first issue!  What do you think so far?