I’ve got a ton of ideas for stories with licensed characters that I’d kill to write for, which may or may not happen one day.  However, I’m starting to think it’s silly to keep those ideas locked in my brain, so I think I’ll start sharing them here.

The first one is one I literally just came up with.

It would be an Elseworlds tale (because the idea would NEVER fly in mainstream DC Comics continuity), about Batman.  A new masked crime fighter has appeared in Gotham city, but you quickly realize he’s not going to be joining the Bat-family as he does the unthinkable.  He kills the Joker.

This starts a spiral of murders of some of the most threatening members of Batman’s rogues gallery.  Batman himself seems outraged by this and swears to take the guy down.  I’m thinking this would take place during the time when Tim Drake was still Robin, and before Damian Wayne was introduced (Simply for the sake of avoiding too many extra characters).

The new mask in town proves to be very tricky to catch, as he only targets the worst criminals Gotham has to offer, leaving no survivors to give out a description of the guy.  Nightwing finally encounters the guy while he tries to kill Zsasz.  Dick gets his ass handed to him, but the guy leaves before finishing the job.  After the fight, Grayson realizes the masked man was using something to hide his voice (plus the fighting style felt familiar), which makes him wonder if it’s someone they already know.

Using this knowledge, Batman and co. decide to start interrogating other of Gotham’s crime fighters, or people that might have motive to start killing Gotham’s most wanted in cold blood.  One of the interviewee’s makes the comment “Sounds like this new guy’s doing what you should have all along.”

Eventually, Tim goes off on his own and talks to Zsasz in Arkham.  “What’s the matter boy wonder?  Bats keeping you in the dark?”  When Robin asks him what he’s implying, Zsasz explains “See, a bunch of us in Arkham had a good laugh recently.  Seems the Bat was losing it a bit.  Said the same thing to all of us last time he threw us in here.  THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING.  Looks like he got somebody to do his dirty work for him, doesn’t it?”

Tim runs out to confront Bruce, but before he can, he hears from his police scanner “The unidentified vigilante is engaged with Black Mask and his men in downtown Gotham, send all squad cars to this location.”  When Robin arrives, he sees Batman fighting the vigilante over an unconscious Black Mask.    Eventually, Batman wins, unmasking the guy as Harvey Dent.  As the cart him away, Two-Face yells “I was gonna be the hero!  This was my one chance!”

Robin returns with Batman, and eyes him suspiciously.  “Is there something wrong, Tim?”  “How did you get there so fast?”  “What do you mean?”  “They had only JUST announced what was going on in that warehouse, and you said you were at a Wayne meeting tonight.  How did you get clear across town?”  “Oh, did I say that was tonight?  No, I was already staking out the situation.”  “Why did Two-Face need the mask anyway?  If he wanted the glory that bad, why try to hide so much?”  “Harvey’s insane, Tim.  Who knows why he did what he did?”  “Then where did he learn to fight like Batman, Bruce?”  Bruce smiles and says “You really will be a great detective someday, Robin.”  “This goes against everything we stand for.  What YOU stand for.  Why?”  “This city has always needed Batman.  It always will.  However, some of them forgot to fear.  The criminals had become spoiled.  They had to know they weren’t safe anymore.  Batman couldn’t stop them anymore…so Gotham needed something else.  Something Batman could never do.  But that doesn’t matter now, Tim.  He’s gone.  That masked man will never return to my city.”  And as they return, Tim can’t help but wonder how true this is, and if Bruce has created a path he can never walk away from…

What do you think?  Should I post more of these?