Good lord, this was a trilogy.

The first one was hard to remember too many details of.  The only thing I really remember was driving and listening to music on my Droid.  The thing is…I also had ANOTHER Droid sitting next to it.  Apparently, I bought a newer phone, and decided to use the old one as an mp3 player.  Weird.
The next dream was a bit longer and more vivid.  I was waiting outside of what seemed to be a church (although it looked a LOT more like my grandmother’s house).  I was one of the youngest people standing outside, with my mother there as well, amongst a few other people that seem to be my grandmother’s age.  However, there WAS one other guy there about my age.

Apparently, the group was going on about something that happened to one of the older people in the group.  The other young dude seemed kind of pissed and I engaged him in conversation.   “They go crazy when something happens to them, but noone give a crap when I told them my dog died.”  I guess it was something like a prayer group and the guy didn’t get the support he needed (at this point I was too busy staring at the guy to care about where I was exactly).  He then proceeded to rant a bit further.  “Ugh.  They actually give a crap about that new surfer chick.”  (About this time, a younger girl pulls up in a vehicle.)  “Did you know they were gonna make me Wonder Woman?  Now they don’t even have my name on an inbox anymore!”  I find all this SUPER weird, but don’t give it much thought because I’m checking the guy out pretty hardcore at this point.

Honestly, the guy looked really familiar (like someone I may have met in real life).  He looked kinda like Simon Pegg, only a lot younger (and perhaps even more handsome).  I found myself lost in his eyes, as my mom comes up and asks the guy what’s bothering him.  He says “Well, my boyfriend and I have been fighting a lot.  We were chatting online last night and it didn’t go well.”  Without skipping a beat, my mom chimes in “Well…they say online relationships aren’t the safest way to go.”  This is pretty hilarious, because it’s something she’d say in real life.  The dream ends as my alarm goes off.

I get up to turn off my alarm, and notice it’s VERY close to my face.  In fact, all I can see are the numbers.  At this point, I realize I’m dreaming again and wake up to turn off the alarm for real.