The Nintendo 3DS is coming soon, and more and more gameplay videos are trickling out.  Tinycartridge posted a crap-ton of some of the more recently released ones. Go check ’em out.  When you come back, I’ve posted my thoughts on each trailer.

Thoughts on Mercenaries:  I’m still not sure if I like how they’re separating that from the more story-driven game, but it DOES look fun.  Oddly, it seems there’s not a lot of enemies running around.  Not sure if more appear later, or if there’s a hindered due to the processing power (It could also have the same amount from the console versions and I’m just remembering wrong).  And why is Y the “do” button?  Also: Don’t forget to work the crotch!

Thoughts on Revelations:  Looks a lot slower paced then the more recent console games.  As long as it controls more like those then the older games, I don’t mind.

Thoughts on SSIV3D:  I like the features they added…but I don’t even play the copy of Super Street Fighter IV I already own.  I don’t think I could justify another purchase.

Thoughts on Star Fox:  I loved the original version of this game, and Star Fox Assault worked VERY well on the DS.  I’ll definitely be getting it.

Thoughts on Mario Kart:  Beautiful.  Admittedly, it’s predecessor on the original DS was kind of ugly.  And Mario Kart is never not fun.

Thoughts on Paper Mario:  While it’s no handheld port of Super Mario RPG, I did really enjoy this game originally.  I’ll probably pick it up as well.

I didn’t sit through the Mii creator or the AR game section, but from what I’ve seen, they look pretty neat.

All in all, the games look fucking GORGEOUS.  I keep telling people this isn’t Nintendo’s next handheld.  This is their next CONSOLE.