Oh boy!  Where do I start with this weekend?  Friday.  I should start with Friday.

Friday: New Years Eve. We weren’t sure what we were gonna get to do, since it had been raining off and on.  Luckily, it was mostly dry by the time we all got together at John’s house.  Misty had made delicious chili, which John, Eddie, and I devoured while playing Magic: The Gathering.  Recently, Eddie discovered a new way to play Magic entitled “Elder Dragon Highlander.”  It’s a new way to construct decks that puts more focus on a single legendary creature card then anything else.  It’s SUPER fun.  Something about it really seems to even the playing field.  If you play Magic, I would definitely suggest giving it a shot.

After some Magic, we played some more NHL 09 until it was time for fireworks.  Some of Misty and John’s family came over to watch, which was perfect, because Eddie and John work best with an audience.  I think my friends take for granted how funny they can be to the casual observer.  Anyway, much explosions were had and it was really pretty and you totally should have been there.

Saturday: New Years Eve 2: New Years Day. Sadly, the fireworks from the previous night did not last long.  Misty bought about 100 bucks worth, but we were done with most of them before midnight.  This was rememdied the next night with a NEW batch of fireworks.  For the past…three(?) years or so, we’ve had a bit of a tradition.  Cracklin’ balls.  They’re little smoke bomb sized fireworks that are meant to be thrown.  They pop like fire crackers, but are a little nicer to look at.  For whatever reason, the first time Eddie grabbed one, he threw it as hard as possible yelling “HAAAA!”  We laughed pretty hard at it the first time, but the amazing thing was how it didn’t stop being funny as he did it with each. And. Every. One.  It’s especially hilarious when he “attacks” other lit fireworks with them.

Sunday: We got together at Eddie and Krissy’s to play a Call of Cthulhu campaign idea Krissy had.  Honestly, I wasn’t too excited about it (Ever since Eddie mentioned Mutants and Masterminds, that’s all I want to play).  However, I was pleasantly surprised!  In the last campaign, I played as a librarian…who was pretty much Giles from Buffy.  This time, I decided to play as Xander.  Eddie played as a more different know-it-all librarian, John was a meth addict, and Brittanya was a famous actress.  The campaign started with all of us waking up in a room together, with no memory of how we got there, with 7 different doors circling us.   After waiting for Jigsaw to tell us “I want to play a game,” and noone showing up, I decided to open each door.  There was no obvious way out, but the meth-head took the initiative and walked through one of the color-coded doors.  Eventually, we came to realize each door corresponded to a different emotion (after entering each one, an illusion would occur based on something like envy, rage, or lust).  After figuring this out, we each took a different door to end the “nightmare.”  After the end, our characters “woke up” to whatever they were doing last.  What I REALLY liked about this campaign is that, other then the occasional sanity check, worked EXACTLY like my Warriors of Construction campaign.  It was mostly narrative, without being constantly interrupted with skill checks or fighty time.  I get the appeal of dungeon crawling, but I’m a whore for a good story and character development (most of us found out about our characters through flashbacks we’d make up on the spot).  I want to do it again.

Monday: Nothing super exciting happened.  I woke up way too early, but had a bunch of errands to run anyway.  I got that out of the way, then dicked around on the computer for several hours until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.   I got Dragon Age: Origins in the mail, but was too tired to try it.  I wish I had.

Tuesday: I woke up early again, and decided to kill time with Dragon Age: Origins.  I’m glad I did.  It’s washing out the terrible, terrible taste Fable III left in my mouth.  Most people know I’m not a big fan of fantasy based stuff, but I DO get an itch for it once in awhile.  This game has scratched that itch and then some.  The combat is super easy and simple to get into without getting too lost in your options.  Also:  I now know why everyone’s gay for Alistair.

Oh, Alistair. I love you, you snarky asshole.

I took a brief nap after playing, then got ready to go out with my friends again.  Eddie had been hyping up Tron: Legacy something fierce, so I really wanted to see it.  I never saw the original, but that really didn’t matter.  I was able to keep up with the plot just fine.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t blown away like I thought I would be.  This was my first 3D movie, and the effects just didn’t impress me enough to justify the price and uncomfortable glasses.  Surprisingly, the action in the movie was very spaced out as well.  I’m a bit annoyed at myself for being disappointed that the movie had such a deep plot, but there you go.  I’ll probably re-watch it when it leaves theaters and enjoy it a lot more now that I have no expectations, I bet.

I ain't recyclin' shit.