I have to confess something.  I slept through Christmas.  Well, not completely, but on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I don’t remember leaving my bed much.  I wanted to do a bunch of stuff during the holiday, but I dunno if it was the weather or what, all I wanted to do was nap.  No complaints though.  They were kickass naps.

Christmas wasn’t anything too special this year.  I did most of my gift giving/receiving before Christmas, and my family didn’t even bother with a get-together this year.  Christmas Eve day I drove my mom over to a bbq place in Minden and we stocked up on ribs and shit, which we quickly devoured on Christmas day.  Not a traditional Christmas dinner, but still fucking delicious.

I think the most notable thing I did was going to John’s on Sunday and trying out NHL 09 on the Xbox.  None of us had ever played a hockey game (or really, any sports game), so it was kind of an adventure.  We actually had to look up rules on Wikipedia to find out why we kept getting penalties.

As far as gifts go, I think I’ll list what I got everyone, then list my own haul.

Mom – Anne of Green Gables on DVD (She asked for this) and Beverly Hillbillies season one on DVD (She didn’t ask for this, but I kind of have a tradition now of buying her old TV shows on DVD every year).

Granny – A Maxine calender.  I try to buy her a calender every year, and I used to get her a Far Side one each time.  Unfortunately, since the creator of that died, they stopped producing them.  Hopefully she’ll be just as happy with this.

John – Buso Renkin season 1 on DVD.  I know he digs the manga, and I think it’s hard to find, so I hoped he would dig it.  I couldn’t think of anything better…until after I bought it (then I thought of a billion other things he’d dig.  Isn’t that always how it goes?)

Eddie – 3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3.  I told Krissy not to let him buy any video games for himself because of this.

Krissy – A book that offers tips on selling scripts to Hollywood.  She’s mentioned once that she’d like to adapt one of her story ideas into a script.  I also got her a knitting DVD.  She’s recently taken up knitting and normally watches movies while she does it.  …So I gave her a knitting DVD so she can watch knitting while she knits.

Misty and Branden – I got each of them a shirt with the others picture on it.  Took me forever to settle on what Facebook pictures to use.  Hope they’re not TOO embarrassing to wear.  :p

Now, enough about that crap.  What did people get ME?!?

My mom bought me an HD FUCKING CAMERA.  Finally!  I can make slightly less-grainy videos!….once I figure out how to work the thing.

She also got me this awesome “You’re in the adventure” Spider-Man book.  It’s funny, I never got one of those as a kid, but I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it much then anyway.  I love it now.

Krissy’s working on this Green Lantern blanket for me.  It’s a work in progress.  Can’t wait to wear it like a cape and spin around yelling “I’m a tornado!” wrap myself up in it.

In fact, it was a very Green Lantern Christmas for me.  Eddie got me a mego-like Sinestro toy, while John (without knowing what Eddie got), got me the same style version of Hal.  I tried to take naughty photos of them, but I didn’t work the camera right, and none of the pictures saved.  😦

Finally, Misty got me this BEAUTIFUL box of members of the Green Lantern Corps.  I still haven’t opened it yet.  It’s too amazing.
I’m thinking about taking all the toys I’ve acquired and starting a photo-blog with them (probably via tumblr).  I’d put them in wacky poses and attempt to make a few Big Shots, if possible.  Is that something people would be interested in?

Hope you all had a great Christmas!