I was driving on my way to work tonight, and I noticed some people parked on the side of the road holding signs.  They looked a bit like picket signs.  My first thought was “Oh great, the tea party’s back in town.”  After passing, I realized they were actually putting signs up all through the road.  It was nighttime, so it took me awhile to read what any of them said.  There were a LOT of signs, and each one had something different wrote on them.

I could make out a few things like “Jesus loves you.  And so do we!” and I thought they might be a church group or something.  There’s a mega-church across the hill from were I work, so it was definitely a possibility.  I thought I saw a person’s name on one sign, and a picture of a kid on another.  It wasn’t until I passed the local cemetery (where the signs ended) that I realized what was really going on.

I feel bad for the kid, but at the same time, I think he was really lucky.  The little boy was obviously loved.  This was easily a mile stretch of road by signs dedicated to honoring his memory.  So many kids today are lucky to even get love from their PARENTS, much less having someone mourn them that much if they’re lost.   It’s a real tragedy that the boy is gone so soon, and it really makes you think.  Any parents reading this (particularly the younger ones), I hope you take the time to appreciate the life you brought into this world.  Maybe hug your kid a bit harder today, yeah?