Since this is the final day of the blog-off, I thought it would be a good idea to highlight the guy that kicked this off: Eddie White.  Here I’m gonna talk about how we met, and share a few anecdotes you guys might find amusing.  Read on!

Oddly enough, we met each other at church.  Back when I was a good little non-heathen I didn’t have too many friends.  The few I did have, were mostly met through our church’s youth group.  Even then, none of us had much in common, except the whole Jesus loving thing.  That is…until one of the youth members brought in this long-haired kid that lived down the street from him.  I don’t think I liked Eddie at first, to be honest.  He and the other guy already knew each other pretty well, so they had their own inside jokes going, and I was totally jealous.  This quickly changed after talking to Eddie a bit and finding out he shared the same obsession I had at the time: Pokemon.  That’s right.  We became bff’s because we wanted to Pokemon battle each other.

We hit it off pretty quick.  I remember we would borrow games from each other all the time, and spend days going through each others game magazine collections.  Since we were heavy into church, we actually played a lot of Redemption, the first (and only) collectible Christian card game.  It didn’t last long, as Yu-Gi-Oh quickly sunk it’s claws into us.

I've assembled all five pieces of Jesus! You lose!

Eddie used to wear hats a lot (he doesn’t wear them as much these days.  Ironically, I wear hats all the time now), and I’m not sure why, but I would often steal them and run away.  One time this happened, I tripped and broke three of my fingers.  I didn’t think about this until recently, but the people in the church actually had to pray for me before we sped off to the emergency room.  Crazy.

He was also the one to introduce me to Magic: The Gathering.  I was never interested in it at first (after learning Redemption, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon, I really didn’t want to have to learn yet another set of rules).  However, I wanted him to play Super Monkey Ball with me (I had played the crap out of it in college, and wanted to play it again), so we made a deal.  If he played Monkey Ball, I’d play Magic.  We never played Monkey Ball again (what with Eddie sucking at it and being a sore loser and all), but we still play Magic to this day.

Over time, we developed our own inside jokes as well.  We used to talk on the phone all the fucking time (because we’re both girls, obviously).  Most of it developed from that.  Sadly, we don’t talk as much these days.  We do make a point to hang out every week, but we really don’t keep in touch while I’m working.  I guess if you get to know someone long enough, you run out of things to say?

Eddie was also one of the first people I came out to.  It was probably the most awkward conversation I’ve ever attempted.  See, the girl I broke up with at the time was interested in him, but was afraid he would think we ended it because I thought she was weird or something.  It was up to me to clear the air.  I hesitated a lot, until he made a gay joke about me (that’s oddly been a running gag between us for years), and I took the opening.  “You know, that’s why we broke up.”  “What?  Your gayness?”  “Yup.”  “So, you’re gay?”  “Yeah.”  “Well….this is awkward.”  Then he and her got married.  It was magical and shit.

If you’re curious about Eddie’s shenanigans, you can follow him on Twitter or his recently created Tumblr.  And of course, you can continue the blog-off action by checking out his blog as well.