I couldn’t think of a better subject for today, so this blog is gonna be a bit more random.

I meant to type this out as I was at work waiting for my relief (I even give myself an extra thirty minutes so I’d have time for it), but things got so hectic I didn’t have time.  In fact, I left work thirty minutes later then normal.

I got my Christmas bonus today.  It’s a fifty dollar gift card…to Kroger.  I checked online and they sell gift cards there to other stores.  I’m gonna go buy a Best Buy card from there and use it there instead, I think.  I need new video games.

Speaking of games, there’s a few I’ve played and actually beat lately.  I finally got around to beating the Incredible Hulk game that came out around the same time as the movie.  If you ever played Ultimate Destruction on the Gamecube or whatever, it’s practically a sequel.  I’m gonna hang on to it, since it’s one of those games to pull out every once and awhile for stress relief.  Having a bad day?  Just turn green and destroy some buildings.  You’ll perk right up.

I also played and beat the X-Men Arcade game that was ported to X-Box 360 with a group of friends.  It was actually pretty hilarious, because we didn’t even let the bosses get a chance to spout out their engrish catch-phrases before proceeding to kick their asses.

I’ve been brainstorming some ideas for my first real series of videos.  I’m seriously thinking about doing what I did for Mega Man X this year and talking about older games that haven’t had sequels and pitch modern revivals for them.  My first idea for this was The Adventures of Bayou Billy.  If you can think of any old game you’d like to see make a comeback, let me know.

If I DO get that Best Buy card, what games should I get?  I’m thinking about hitting up the cheap section for some bargains.  I definitely wanna pick up Bayonetta, but I’m not sure what else looks appealing.

Good lord, I am nowhere near the word count of yesterday’s blog.  Speaking of which…would people be interested in reading more pitches from me?   I’ve always got a ton of ideas floating around my head, but I’ve always been afraid to share them for one reason or another.  I’ll probably keep the more original ideas to myself, but anything involving pre-licensed characters is fair game.

This was supposed to be a random update blog, but I think I just hit my readers with a ton of questions instead.  Sorry about that.