Well, it is.  You sit there for three hours watching cars turn left, and…what?  Waiting on someone to crash?  Because that’s the only thing that remotely makes it interesting.  I guess it’s neat that cars can go fast, but I already know they can.  I don’t need proof.  It doesn’t help that the announcers contribute NOTHING to the experience.

“Yup, Jeff Gordon’s passing the guy.  He’s going into first place!  Again!”  How can anyone stand it?  It’s just the same thing every week, ad nauseum.  Hell, watching a race might actually be ENGAGING if they changed it up a bit.  Maybe tell some behind the scenes shit.   “Dale Earnhardt is bringing up the rear.”  “Poor guy.  If he doesn’t win this race, the Yakuza will break his legs!”  “I didn’t even know the Yakuza were into Nascar, Johnny!”  “Well Steve, if the Yakuza could enjoy any one thing more then extorting money, it would probably be the extreme go-fastness that is our beloved sport of Nascar.”