No, that’s not a typo.

By now you can probably tell that I’ve become a big fan of Kamen Rider lately.  So much so that (as with a lot of fandoms), I’ve wondered what it would be like if I were to create my own Kamen Rider series.  For those not in the know, each “season” of Kamen Rider starts fresh, with a new cast and a new theme.  Each theme is supplemented by the different powers the Kamen Rider uses for that season.  For instance, Kamen Rider W was a detective drama, featuring two detectives that transform into a single hero; while Kamen Rider OOO features a solo nomadic rider who can change forms based on different animal qualities.

Something that would always strike me as odd about the series is that “Kamen Rider” is called that because he rides on a motorcycle, however there is rarely any emphasis on the motorcycle aspect of the character.  A few series used it some for combat, but most just use it as a mode of transportation.

This is where my idea comes in.  The series would be called “Kamen Rider Rider” because there’s a HEAVY emphasis on motorcycles and using them in the show.

I think it would be best to start the series like W did.  Don’t bother with an origin story, but instead throw us directly into the action and have the backstory come in on its own.  It starts off with a guy that looks like an atypical street punk.  He’s hassled a lot by local police, but members of the community seem to really like him.  He has a very standoff-ish personality, but his sister tends to make up for it.  They clash a lot, because he is very bullheaded and she has to apologize for him a lot.  However, we see a hint of the man he really is, when a monster starts attacking the city.  Without hesitation, he saves a kid out of harms way, while his sister leads it to safety.  During the attack, his shirt is ripped to reveal a tattoo on his arm.  The monster recognizes it and says something along the lines of “You!  The traitor!  Oh, the boss’ll love me if I take you out!”

With his motorcycle nearby, the guy takes out a uniquely shaped buckle and straps it to his belt.  “Pathetic.  They let low-level trash like you do what you please now?”  He snaps his fingers and a key pops out of the motorcycle (via a spring mechanism) into his hand.  He takes the key and sticks it into what appears to be an ignition on the belt, yelling “Henshin!”  With this, he transforms into what the characters refer to as “The Rider.”

The main character was once a high-ranking member of a motorcycle gang that practically owned the city.  However, they were on pretty good terms with most of the people in the city (Offering protection from any other rival gangs that might interfere).  Unfortunately, corruption begin to spread as a new drug started making its way through the gang.  This drug would grant the user special powers and turn them into a monster for brief periods of time.  The more addicted to the drug they got, the more violent they became.  The main character decided to get to the bottom of it, and found the factory where the drug was being produced.  Inside the factory, he finds a team of scientists who are using his gang as guinea pigs to test the drug before distributing it on the black market.

When he’s discovered, he tries to escape, only to find that’s he’s trapped inside a research room.  He finds the Ignition Belt and Key, when one of the scientists proclaims “No!  The weapon we were testing for the leader!”  Our hero uses the belt for the first time causing an explosion and escaping from the facility, leaving his gang behind.  After this, he comes under attack from the gang, who are under orders from their leader to return the belt to him.

Throughout the series, he questions himself as he fights old friends that accuse him of betrayal.  His sister normally brings him down to earth and is a constant source of support (she’s not afraid to call him out for his bullheadedness or stupidity).  Their parents died at a young age, causing the main character to rebel and join the gang in the first place.  After leaving, he finds it very hard to adjust, barely able to hold down a part-time job for more then a week.  Getting the Rider powers seems to give him a sense of purpose, as he feels responsible for the misdeeds of his former gang.

The Rider Belt has multiple powers, but they are all tied to different keys (which were scattered in the explosion).  They’re found when people mistake them for regular keys and try to use them on cars, doors, or whatever.  Each key changes his (and the bike’s) form and gives him access to a different power set.  “Flame” gives him heat based powers, “Sword” gives him dual swords, and blades on the side of the bike, “Shot” gives him dual pistols and a Gatling gun on the bike (there are others as well).

If I had my way, Kamen Rider Accel would be the secondary rider in the series, investigating the gang violence that has spilled into other cities.  If Ryu Terui’s actor is unavailable, we could get a new character and just call him Terui’s son.  Depending on which character we use, the dynamic between them and the main character would shift.  Terui would always clash with him, due to his lack of trust, but the son might be more inclined to lend a helping hand.

With Accel’s transformation ability, a reaction would occur when the two characters get in sync.  A new key would spawn, allowing Rider to activate Accel form.  Other keys would spawn as well, for each of Accel’s different forms (They would double team for the Trial form, for instance).

Now, I’m a realist, and I know I’d NEVER be able to actually do anything with this.   However, my friends and I plan on playing Mutants and Masterminds at some point, so I think I’ll be happy with just being able to role-play the character.  Should be interesting to have normal American superheroes trying to stop crimes with an over-the-top Kamen Rider always butting in.

Wanna hear more about Kamen Rider Rider?  Leave some comments and inspire me to get more ideas!

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