Wow, I genuinely can’t believe people like this exist sometimes. I’m sitting in the back office, playing with my laptop, when I hear the front doors open. I look outside to investigate, and I see a (clearly angry) lady waltz in and look around. I greet her and she storms over to the front desk. “Are you owned by the casino? I can’t believe they did this. This isn’t what they told me over the phone.” She kind of rambles on before making it clear that she wanted to be in one of the casino-hotels (We’re not connected with any casino at all…they just send us guests and pay us for them). She says they stay in Vegas all the time and would have stayed in New Orleans, but the casino insisted they stay here, since it was closer. I apologize and check her in. She storms out saying “I thought this would be a REAL hotel.” If I had any since of pride in my job, I probably would have corrected her (those that know me well enough know I work for a well known, well BRANDED hotel. So I’m not sure how we’re not “real.”).

Immediately after getting into her room, she calls down. “Are all the rooms this green?” “Um…yes?” “Really? They’re all painted this sickening puke green?” “Yes, ma’am.” “UGH.” *hangs up*

I feel really REALLY sorry for this bitch’s husband.