First, a little back story on this one.  I believe this was one of the first D&D campaigns we played with Krissy as the dungeon master.  I don’t think a lot of planning went into the character outside the class.  During the initial encounter, I played the role of Benjamin Drake, a mysterious fledgling mage (complete with a full concealing cloak) that needed help from adventurers to find…whatever it was we were questing for.  The thing is, he seemed a bit too…chummy with the male adventurers.  Getting really close and putting his arm around them, making for very uncomfortable situations.  Eventually, the cloak (and the fake mustache) came off…

Originally posted Thursday, August 23, 2007 to Myspace.

My real name is Asphixia Drake (a female).  Named so for my parents that died of smoke inhalation during my birth (at least that’s what I tell people).  I was a little street rat, until I was kindly taken in by the mage’s guild.  They began training me in their ways for a few years, until they realized that I was stealing their sacred artifacts.  I was promptly booted out.  Once again a street urchin, I’d make pocket change performing tricks and illusions for people (and getting my real wages while they were distracted, using my abilities as a master of disguise).  My luck ran out when I tried to pick the pocket of Raphael Alandark, world-famous thief.  He took a liking to me and decided to make me his disciple.  I traveled with him for a couple of years….until he knocked me out and left me in the city for trying to steal his wallet one too many times.  Now, with my skills in arcane magic and thievery, I use the best of both worlds (lies) to make my living.  I am now known as Benjamin Drake, a traveling mage, looking for adventure (at least that’s what I tell people).