Kind of a weird/interesting night at the hotel.  It’s Friday, so it’s a bit busier then it has been, although not TOO busy (thank Christ). Here’s some stuff that happened:

An old guy asked me if we sold anything resembling a sandwich (we sale small food items and snacks at the front desk).  I told him no and jokingly said “The closest thing we have is Hot Pockets.”  Without skipping a beat, the guy asked me “Well, what are Hot Pockets?”  I honestly had no idea how to answer him.

Most of tonight, there’s been a guy roughly my age on one of our lobby computers.  I might be mistaken, but I could SWEAR he was surfing 4chan.  His grandfather would come and check on him occasionally, but the guy’s gotta be pretty damn old, because he moved super slow.  He had this really creepy stalker-like walk to him.  I tried to get a picture of him, but this was all I could manage:

Later, these two douchebag-looking guys came up to the desk trying to check in (One wore a polo shirt, and the other was wearing Abercrombie or something).  Their name didn’t pop up anywhere, so I asked if they were casino guests (any casino guests don’t get directly put into our system.  The casino actually has to fax over their info and we put it in manually).  I called the casino and they looked up the name, but couldn’t find any info for them.  Normally, it’s just under a different name or maybe at a different hotel, but nothing was coming up at all.  I hung up the phone from there and called their reservation line.  I let the guy talk to them, and from what I could hear, they pulled up his info but had no record of a reservation.  They couldn’t even make a new one for him (It was supposed to be a free room), because their system said we were full (we’re not, but they don’t have any way to override it).  I expected the guy to get really pissed off and start demanding we do something, but instead he just hung up the phone and said “Don’t worry about it.  Not your fault.”