Originally posted on Sunday, August 12, 2007 to Myspace

I had an “appointment” with my friends at a Best Western to play some Call of Cthulu.  We had played a campaign before, which was fun, but I kinda messed up my character.  This time, Eddie (our GM) played up the sanity aspect of the game.  My character is a comic book author with a dark secret who visits a local mall to have all hell break loose.  Very quickly, he starts loosing all grip with reality.  When a giant squid broke through the fountain, my character stopped thinking and instantly did whatever someone commanded.  When someone yelled “Run the fuck away!”  my character did just that…straight through the beasts tentacles, falling flat on his face.  Eventually, my sanity ran out when I came face to face with a dark elder god, a gibbering mass attatched to several pairs of legs.  “Will you accept the bargain?”  is all he asked.  Without even a thought, my response was “…Yes.”  Immediately, a tendril erupted from the beast and forced its way down my throat.  I felt….life growing inside of me, right before I blacked out.  With my character insane, and now pregnant with an elder god’s larval spawn, I was now considered a non-player character (since I was practically brain-dead).   Eventually, one of the other characters found a spell that sent the god back to where it came from.   The maze we were in returned to it’s original state as a Border’s bookstore.  They searched and found my character’s body laying on its side.  When they turned the body over, they realized….it wasn’t me.  One of the characters turned to see me walking around the bookstore aimlessly.  They grabbed my arm and I knocked them away, asking them “What?  Who the hell are you?”  The last thing my character remembered was just entering the mall, like the last several hours never happened.  Thanks for the retcon, Eddie!


Modern note:   YES, I know I misspelled “Cthulhu!”  Leave me alone!