The time has come for me to FINALLY unveil my role-playing campaign/experiment called “Warriors of Construction.” Not too long ago, my friends and I got together to play another little campaign I created called “D20 Gamestop” (which was written based on all of us that used to work at Gamestop. The enemies were mostly former annoying customers.) Ironically, the campaign did not feature too much D20 usage, or much of any dice rolling at all, actually. I get really bored with rules, so I thought if I tried to “dungeon master” I would just try to make it story driven, using basic logic as my rule set. It worked out ok enough, but I thought I could do better. The previous campaign was very super power based, but I unfortunately didn’t think to limit how everyone’s powers worked. Instead of making my characters uber-broken again, I would limit them a bit this time by giving them a specific power and move set. I liked the super hero idea, but I wanted this one to be something a little different. Something I wouldn’t have to take too seriously. Something special. That’s when it hit me. “IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME.”

Yup, I made this campaign using ideas and tropes taken from none other then Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. It’s no secret I’m a fan of the series, and it was SUPER fun writing the first “episode” out. I gave everyone their character descriptions, but didn’t tell them the premise of the series. When asked about it, I would just say “You’re teenagers and you have to go through high school.” I’ll let the first episode speak for itself, but for starters, here’s the introduction to your cast:

Starring: Krissy as Katherine Hillard
16 year old Katherine Hillard is a complex individual. At first glance, you might think she was an angsty goth girl, but if you were to ever engage her in conversation, her bubbly personality would most likely overwhelm you. Some say she’s a bit light-headed, but those that are truly close to her (such as her two best friends, Zack Park and Justin Cranston) know she can be very calm and calculating when she really needs to be. When not hanging out with her friends, Kat studies various martial arts, something she has been actively involved with since she was a child (inspired by a couple of Japanese cartoons she watched growing up). Her mom caters for a local construction company, whose site Kat, Zack, and Justin have been sneaking onto late at night to hang out. Katherine can be overzealous about things sometimes, but she has a good heart and truly cares about people.

Featuring: John as Zack Park
16 year old Zack Park is the coolest kid in school. Girls want to date him, and guys want to be him (some of the dudes probably want to date him too). Zack’s a very laid back guy, and the most approachable person you could ever meet. He always seems to know the right thing to say, so people come up to him for advice a lot. Whenever his best friends, Justin Cranston and Katherine Hillard, want to do something, Zack’s always along for the ride. His dad works two jobs (as a mail sorter at night and a doorman during the day) to support the both of them.

And introducing: Eddie as Justin Cranston
15 year old Justin Cranston is the smartest kid in his class. When his friends started school a year ahead of him, Justin was determined to make up for lost time. Luckily, his natural intellect kicked in and he was soon bumped up to the same grade as Zack Park and Katherine Hillard, his best friends. Justin almost seems determined to break the “shy nerd” role as he offers help to anyone he thinks needs it. He became heavily involved in the athletic department when he helped a few members of the football team pass a difficult algebra final. Justin’s father works for a local construction company, and at times his father will even bring home old power tools for Justin to tinker with in his workshop. Lately, Justin, Kat, and Zack have been sneaking out to his dad’s construction site to hang out.