On my way to work tonight, I was a little worried I might be rusty, since I just got back from the longest vacation I’ve taken since I started the job. I walk in to see my boss fiddling with the computer in the back office (she never works nights). “Oh, Lee” she says, “We made a big mistake. I’m gonna need your help with this.” Turns out, they had oversold the hotel by ten rooms somehow. I called the casino where we get our third-party reservations from. They were booked too, but they knew of another local hotel that had rooms. I called them and told them to bill us for some people we would send their way. I had a few people get bitchy with me, but I sent them onward. I feel pretty fucking awesome right now.

So…vacation. I’m not sure where to start exactly. I guess I’ll just say it didn’t go exactly as planned, but I still enjoyed myself.

Tuesday, I got up with a major sore throat I could not get rid of. This was the day we were supposed to leave, so I just pressed on. We made it to Misty and Branden’s in really good time (as long as you have enough podcasts, a trip to Lafayette doesn’t seem bad at all). Almost immediately upon arrival, Misty announced she was hungry and we would be going out. I was a bit jetlagged, but I knew I wouldn’t have to drive, so I was down for anything at that point. On the way she told us we were meeting up with a group of lesbian friends she connected with while living there. I found this super interesting and started drilling her for questions. I guess having a group of exclusively gay friends never really occurred to me. It might be because I have things like that online, but it would be nice to have people to go out with every once in awhile. Not to say my local friends aren’t awesome, but I am the token gay of the group.

We get to the restaurant (whose name I unfortunately can’t remember) and Misty’s friends are already sitting down waiting on us. It’s a Mexican place, but with outdoor seating. It was a nice night and the food was good. Even better was the company. John was with us, but the gang didn’t seem to mind having a straight and gay dude listening in on their conversation. I found the whole thing fascinating for some reason (Like “Oh, even chicks don’t like it when chicks are too clingy? Amazing!”). All super-cool people and I hope Misty drags me around them again next time I’m down.

Wednesday, the day of The Protomen show. I had taken a few drugs the night before, and I don’t know if I overdid it on cough syrup or what, but my stomach was doubled over in pain. I went to the bathroom a few times, and it wasn’t pretty. I had to cancel the trip. Luckily, John said he was just fine with being out of the house, so I canceled the hotel room. Dunno if they’ll still charge me for it, but I did do it the day of, so no complaints there. It does suck that I missed out, but I would have been fucking miserable if I had went.

The rest of the week was kind of a blur. I mostly slept, or just lazed about. My stomach was better, but I was still really sneezy and coughy at that point. I’m pretty sure I was taking non-drowsy stuff, but being the pussy I am, most of it knocked me out. There was a night or two where I would be staying up watching TV with John and Branden and waking up the next day (or later that night) wondering what the hell happened.

My default state for most of the trip.

One day (don’t remember which) we went to Blockbuster and rented an ass-ton of movies. Review time!

Percy Jackson: Wow, what a boring movie. It doesn’t really bother to introduce the characters before it thrusts them into the plot. And the fight scenes just aren’t that impressive. I’ve never read the books, but according to Misty they fucked up a lot.

Avatar: Well, I mostly watched it. I was playing my DS more (more on that in a bit). It WAS a super pretty movie, but I didn’t really care about it all that much since I had already heard about the predictable plot. What I DIDN’T know was that it featured live action actors (I thought it was all CG). I also didn’t know Sigourney Weaver and Michelle Fucking Rodriguez were in it.

Youth In Revolt: The more I think about it, the more I like this movie. It didn’t really make me think Michael Cera was a “badass” like the cover touted, but it was enjoyable for the indie comedy it was.

Hot Tub Time Machine: Hilarious. I once made the Twitter joke that if Back To The Future was made today, Marty would go back and play some auto-tune at his parent’s prom. Something similar happens here and it’s awesome.

S. Darko: Wow. I don’t think this movie even knew that it was supposed to be a sequel to Donnie Darko. I would warn you about spoilers but fuck it, I don’t want you to have to sit through this either. Apparently, his sister is now Frank in that she tells people how to avoid their death (while looking super gothed out). But then she dies and her friend dies instead so she can save her, but then she makes someone else die so she can save them both. Seriously, this movie retcons itself three times. Richard Kelly should sue somebody.

Zombieland: I saw it already, but it’s still amazing the second time around.

When we rented movies, we also stopped at a local Gamestop, so I could pick up Dragon Quest IX. I like it well enough, but I really REALLY hate how they make you start at level one with each class. Just seems like they’re trying to extend the gameplay time by making you grind so much.

Saturday, we went to hit up a few other stores and go out to eat again. The first place we hit up was an anime shop. I didn’t buy anything, but they had a ton of shit I’d love to stock up on if I ever move out of my cramped living space. Right next door was a Play-N-Trade. I had never been to one, so I thought it might be worth a look. It’s pretty much a Gamestop with a few older games mixed in. They had a ton of old school game posters and stuff decorating the place. Pretty neat, even though they didn’t have anything I wanted to buy. After that, we hit up one of the local comic shops. The lady working it give us some free comics with fliers advertising their pull lists (for those that don’t know, a pull list is what you give the shop owner to hold issues of comics for you as they come out each week). Honestly, I prefer this shop to the other one in town. Unfortunately, the other one has a MUCH nicer selection. But, the lady working the smaller place is so nice, I found myself digging around just to find SOMETHING to buy. I came out with the first volume of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and volume two of The Astounding Wolf-Man (which was on sale! Boo-yah!)

After all the shopping, we went to dinner with Team Lesbo again. The place Misty wanted to go to (Charlie G’s) wasn’t open for another hour, so we stopped inside a Greek place for some appetizers. Yup, I don’t think I like Greek food. Well, unless you count the pita bread. I devoured the shit out of the pita bread.

After devouring half a pound of pita bread waiting on the other place to open, we left the Greek place and headed in. Immediately, I felt REALLY under-dressed. The staff were all wearing ties, and it looked like one of those joints you would need a reservation for. The employees didn’t complain and were actually super polite in getting us a table (which had about four forks per person. How you knew they were fancy). I wasn’t that hungry after filling myself up with delicious bread for some reason, so I just ordered a salad. It was a fruit salad and it was fucking delicious. It was super sweet, but also kind of spicy. I didn’t bother with an entree, but I did get dessert after a hot guy came out to take the time to show us a sample of each individual one they had available.

Oh, I also tried escargot for the first time. Not bad!

Sunday, we went to the ginormous comic shop. I love the place, because I can always find something to buy. It’s where I get most of my trade paperbacks from, and especially ones I can’t find anywhere else. My mission this time was to get stuff I normally don’t buy, or stuff I can’t find in local stores. My main thing was to track down the Beasts of Burden trade.

Look at this sexy hardcover. Just look at it.

It was only $19.99. For a fucking hardback cover. I was happy, to say the least. I also picked up I Kill Giants, A God Somewhere, volume 5 of Teen Titans (which was not that great. It was just a hodgepodge of Infinite Crisis tie-ins), the last volume of The Sword (which was AMAZING. If you haven’t read this series, go fucking buy it!), volume 1 of Planetary (I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. It’s kind of like The Authority, only they don’t really do anything), and the first volume of Dynamo 5 (fantastic series that plays with super team tropes a bit). I’m sure I bought more, but I can’t remember what they are right now.

After that, we stopped at a place called Izzo’s. It’s kinda like Subway, but with burritos. Huge fucking burritos. I ate half of mine and saved it for the next day. Fucking delicious.

That’s the thing about Lafayette. If you’re hungry, there’s no better place to be. They have a lot of chain restaurants, but they have even more local places (and not the crappy kind either!). Totally worth a stop if you’re ever in the area. ….why did I just type that like a fucking travelogue?

I started feeling better during the weekend. It’s Wednesday now, and I’m still not feeling spectacular, but I’m still here. It’s kind of sad. I went into the vacation thinking it would be the perfect time to catch up with my writing and everything, but the plague hit and none of that happened. However, I feel a bit refreshed after everything. I dropped off the grid as well, ignoring my phone except to make the occasional Facebook or Twitter update (and even then I would slap my hand for doing so). I think my brain needed a break and it finally got one.