Wow, I haven’t had a dream in a while, but I think my brain made up for it by giving me about six last night. The order of “scenes” may be wrong in this, but it really doesn’t matter.

I went to the Wal-Mart I frequented with my mom a lot as a child (before it moved to a Super Wal-Mart location). Inside was a big display full of various nerdy shirts. I looked at a few Green Arrow shirts for Eddie (oddly, they didn’t have Ollie on them, but what looked like either Connor or possibly even Roy). They also had Angry Joe shirts for some reason (I’m not really a fan of the guy, and I’m not even sure if he has merchandise).

I saw the upcoming Jonah Hex movie, but oddly Jonah was the villain in his own movie. Even in the dream I realized how weird that seemed (I think Jonah might have noticed it as well).

Somehow, I was back in high school, because I went on a “class trip” to a movie. Our teacher was an Asian woman who seemed pretty drunk. My cousin Jessica was there, and simply commented “We’re gonna like this one” (in regards to the teacher). There was a guy behind me who kept grabbing the back of my shirt and lifting it up. It took me awhile to get annoyed enough to look back. When I did, however, I realized that he looked a lot like someone I crushed on in high school (but was definitely a different person…odd that I would actually create a cute guy in my dream that I’ve never seen before). He said in a really flirty way “I’m just trying to get a better view.”

The previews started and showed some people in a submarine. Bad shit was happening to them (can’t remember what), so they tried to surface. The second they did, they noticed a giant hand coming down out of the sky, pointing right at them. “DIVE! DIVE!” someone yelled, while they plunged back under water. The hand and arm stretched out beyond earth out of a black hole. What looked like gray angels were pouring out of it (In the dream I figured out this was supposed to be God attempting to destroy the earth). There was a neat effect that looked like there were a few of the angels flying around the theater. It made me really excited for this (admittedly stupid sounding) movie. The whole time, I was looking back at the guy, who had moved down a few seats. I tried mustering up the courage to ask him out, but I never did.